• Wide way road junction traffic light used in Dongguan City
    Post time: Feb-20-2019

    The traffic lights at the 4 intersections of the non-motor vehicle lanes at the intersection of Dongguan were all installed. Now the passing vehicles and pedestrians are safely and orderly. Before the traffic lights were installed, traffic accidents occur frequently. After installing the traffic...Read more »

  • Gantry high-end red green  display
    Post time: Feb-19-2019

    Recently, our factory sell lots of traffic LED display, the traffic road two-color display, the illegal whistle supervision display, and the high-end two-color display of the gantry . This display is made up of 84pcs P20 2R1G display modules. The overall height is 2540*2240MM, The brightness of ...Read more »

  • Warehouse traffic signal light from Shenzhen wide way factory
    Post time: Feb-18-2019

    When talking about traffic lights, are you the first places in your mind that are intersections, traffic roads, etc? Have you seen traffic lights used in warehouses? This is a batch of traffic lights that we sent to the Netherlands. At first we thought it was applied to traffic roads. But The pic...Read more »

  • Aluminum yellow flashing LED traffic sign board
    Post time: Jan-25-2019

    1. Wide working voltage C9v-40V 2.1200*600mm aluminum housing 3.high brightness Epistar LED 4. 2 years warranty If interested in this please contact us at fiona@wdm88led.com or whatsapp : 008613652406263 Read more »

  • 200mm unique design yellow purple traffic signal light
    Post time: Jan-24-2019

      customized design yellow purple LED traffic signal light voltage :    DC12V /DC24V or AC85-265V high brightness CE RoHS approved if interested in this please contact us freely at fiona@wdm88led.com or whatsapp:008613652406263 Read more »

  • 1040*380mm traffic car yellow LED display
    Post time: Jan-23-2019

    8pcs P10 yellow LED display panel traffic car led display cold-rolled plate material easy to install if interested in this please contact us at fiona@wdm88led.com Read more »

  • Wide way Folding stand arrow board with light sensor
    Post time: Jan-22-2019

    1.1500*770mm lifting stand  LED arrow board with different working modes 2.the arrow board with light sensor At normal daylight ambient light levels the lit elements will be at full brightness and come to dim the lamps when getting dark If interested in this please contact us at fiona@wdm88led.c...Read more »

  • Road constuction solar warning flashing light
    Post time: Jan-21-2019

    1. high quality  PC housing 2. 75pcs LED yellow LED with lens 3.with solar panel and 6AH li battery warning function for road construction or use at foggy area If interested in this please contact us at fiona@wdm88led.com Whatsapp : 0086 13652406263     Read more »

  • P31.25 full color high way LED diplay screen
    Post time: Jan-18-2019

    1. high quality P31.25 LED display panel 2. aluminum housing material with dust proof function 3.red green blue LED 4. 2 years warranty If interested in this please contact us at Email address : fiona@wdm88led.com    Whatsapp :008613652406263     Read more »

  • One intersection DC 12v solar traffic light
    Post time: Jan-17-2019

    Solar traffic signal light come with DC12V controller for one intersection if you are interested in this please contact us : Email address : fiona@wdm88led.com whatsapp: 0086 13652406263   Read more »

  • Wide way customized 100mm PC housing traffic signal light
    Post time: Jan-16-2019

      Name New PC 100mm red yellow green mini traffic light signal Product size 150*450m Material pc LED barrels QTY 40pcs each color LED luminous RED :620-630nm  ,green :505-510nm ;yellow : 590-594nm Wave length red/yellow :4000-5000mcd , green : 8000-10000mcd Life span 3-5 year...Read more »

  • Wide way customized design folding stand LED arrow board
    Post time: Jan-15-2019

    180 degree lifting  traffic arrow board 1.water and dust proof 2.long life span LED 3. energy saving, low power consumption 4.easy installation 5.Reduced operational cost 6. Integrated LED luminous 7.Uniform optical output Specifically designed to meeting world standards if you are interested in...Read more »

  • Post time: Jan-14-2019

    Read more »

  • Variable speed limit LED display
    Post time: Jan-11-2019

    Overview of the variable speed limit display: The variable speed limit display has one side and two sides. It is made up of high-end module P10 full color. The unit module is 16X16 points. The unit module display board size: 160MM × 160MM, pixel spacing 10MM. The module of the variable speed l...Read more »

  • Shenzhen Wide Way Tunnel information  LED display
    Post time: Jan-10-2019

    Last week, we were able to complete 12 sets of 4 m * 1 m tunnel displays. The 12 tunnel displays are made up of 64 high-end P31.25 modules. This is a full-color tunnel information screen that induces vehicles and provide weather ,traffic situation information to achieve a dynamic path guidance ...Read more »

  • Wide way LED arrow board technology innovation
    Post time: Jan-09-2019

    When you are looking for a LED arrow board and send inquiry , The supplier will ask you: How about the voltage do you need? 12V or 24V? Why they asking this?  The friends who drive know that when our vehicles are starting up, it will have a starting voltage, Normal is 12V, but when you start the...Read more »

  • Should the warning foggy  lights flash simultaneously?
    Post time: Jan-08-2019

    Should the warning foggy  lights flash simultaneously? The highway has the characteristics of fast speed, large flow, full closure and full interchange; The vehicle is not allowed to stop anytime . Once foggy weather occurs on the highway, the visibility of the road is reduced, which not only r...Read more »

  • The installation and maintenance of yellow warning foggy light
    Post time: Jan-07-2019

    1.  function of  solar warning foggy light        I saw that many people would say that anti-fog lights are usually installed in the car because of the fog lights. The function is to open the anti-fog light when the visibility in foggy or rainy days is greatly affected by the weather. Other vehic...Read more »

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