Smart zebra crossing signal control machine

Smart zebra crossing signal control machine
Recently, smart zebra crossings are very popular. The main purpose is to remind pedestrians to pass safely. Of course, there are various styles of smart zebra crossings. The first type is a circular road stud, which can display red, green or yellow separately, and the second type It is a luminous floor tile of the smart zebra crossing. The size is also different. For example, its size is 500×130 mm, 400×180 mm, various voice prompt posts, and various integrated ones. Pedestrian traffic lights, these are the products we have made among various display methods before.


What is the smart zebra crossing signal control machine like?
First of all, the smart zebra crossing signal control machine is basically the same as the crossroads on the road and the traffic signal machine. It is also composed of the traffic signal host, but it is said that there is an extra 24V voltage output or several groups of 24V. Signal output, why use 24V signal output? Because the lamps on all our luminous smart zebra crossings use a DC low voltage voltage, so the signal machine must output a corresponding voltage.


What is the size of the smart zebra crossing signal control machine?
The answer is that it is consistent with our current traffic signal machine. Please operate to measure a size and write it up. Its installation method is that there is a flange at the bottom and a mounting flange, so it is The installation method is also the same. Use the cement below to fix the fixed position, and then use the big screw to connect it. The smart zebra crossing signal control machine is actually quite beautiful.


What kind of output panel is the smart zebra crossing signal control machine?
Please take a look (in this place, ask the artist to take a picture of the output panel of our pedestrian signal light, and then put it on it, please have a close-up, thank you) everyone can clearly see that we will have an alternating current and a direct current. Above a panel, but it is separated, divided into a total of 4 parts, of which three parts refer to the output and output of the traffic light. It is a 220-volt supply voltage. The other part is a smart zebra crossing, a circular road stud, and a low voltage. For the product, it has a 24 volt output, so in this section, we will make a very clear decomposition of the panel, which is also convenient for our customers when wiring the smart zebra crossing signal control machine.


Can the smart zebra crossing signal controller be used alone?
Today we are talking about stand-alone use refers to products that do not control traffic lights but only control smart zebra crossings. Let’s now give an example, such as voice prompts, such as pedestrian crossing buttons, such as integrated pedestrian lights, and then they are carrying it. One of the luminous floor tiles, there is also a round road stud and other products. Can it be used alone? The answer is that it can be used alone, because it can also be used as the master of a smart zebra crossing. Different products can be controlled under the conditions of, so it carries out a wide range of extended functions, so let this smart zebra crossing signal control machine, it can be multi-purpose, multi-purpose, so this smart zebra crossing signal control machine It is a very good landing product. We have used so much and we have won praise from our customers.


Can the Smart Zebra Crossing Signal Controller be used in conjunction with monitoring? Or can this smart zebra crossing signal control machine run through the red light to take pictures?
The answer is all right. Our smart zebra crossing signal control machine has a red light and a camera function. It will give a signal to the surveillance camera when it is a red light signal. The vehicle is abstinent from entering the red light in the camera range A 220 volt voltage signal will be monitored, and then the monitor will take a picture and store it directly after receiving the signal.


Post time: Mar-29-2021
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