Construction budget for 200mm countdown timer traffic light

Construction budget for 200mm countdown timer traffic light

The Construction budget for 200mm countdown timer traffic light is depends on the customers request,the size and the color and the function all can cutomized by the customer.

What is the size of the Construction budget for 200mm countdown timer traffic light installed on the side of the Turpan 200mm traffic light? The side-mounted traffic signal is actually not the size of the signal light. It has a large light-emitting area, but it can be seen by the passing vehicles. Therefore, the side-mounted traffic signal lights only have red, yellow and green three-color signal lights. Let the driver friend see the color of the traffic light at this intersection from the side, so basically it will have two sizes, one is 300mm traffic light, the other is 400mm traffic light, so you can choose it. The general intersection will basically be done with a 300mm traffic signal. Traffic light function.

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Construction budget for 200mm countdown timer traffic light: In addition to the Construction budget for 200mm countdown timer traffic light, the cost of construction needs to be considered. We will generate a lot of economic consumption, such as construction time, number of employees, wages, and tools applied to the construction process. Therefore, only the traffic lights prepared from the budget point of view and the demand side should be divided into the actual situation before preparation, so find the perfect budget. Although the current traffic signal lighting technology is not perfect, mobile traffic lights can be temporarily used where power is not radiated, but despite this, traffic lights are definitely a new trend in the future to command traffic, and will become more popular with urban development.

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How can the 200mm countdown timer traffic light at the crossroads traffic lights be controlled in real time? Crossroad traffic lights are controlled by traffic lights at intersections and traffic signals to control the traffic lights in each direction. How can it change from time to time? Because every intersection has a surveillance camera, some places have a ball machine, and some places have this camera. In some places, according to the situation of the road, adaptive control of the intersection, after the intersection adaptive control, he Then, according to the situation of the intersection vehicles, the direction of the green light in each direction, when the green light time is long, then the red and green two-color countdown, the green light, the countdown time is longer, then there is a direction, when the vehicle is rare Then, the time for the green light to be placed at this time is very short, then the corresponding red, green and double color countdown time, the green will be very short. Traffic signal control method.

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Advantages of die-casting aluminum: It is not easy to rust, weather resistance is better in several materials, mold is molded once, assembly and installation is very convenient, life is longer in four materials, waterproof and dustproof effect is better; die-cast aluminum defects: The cost of the mold is high, the lightning protection measures need to be done well, and the weight is heavier. For example, a plurality of sets of die-cast aluminum material signal lamps are hung on one light pole, and the load-bearing capacity of the light pole needs to be considered, and the work at height is relatively inconvenient, and the material cost is high. 

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