How are traffic lights installed?

How are traffic lights installed?
Today we are going to talk about the installation method of motor vehicle traffic signal lights. We are specifically talking about vertical traffic signal lights. The following pictures will show you what we are going to talk about today.

What are the accessories required for vertical installation of traffic lights?
Vertically installed traffic signal lights need a backing strip with the same length as the traffic signal light. This backing strip is made of hot-dip galvanized material, and two semi-arc-shaped hoops are its main accessories.

What special attention should be paid to the accessories of vertical traffic signal lights?
The answer is that it needs to be made of hot-dip galvanized material. Because the traffic signal lights are installed outdoors, the temperature and acid fog conditions are different in each place, especially at the seaside, because the composition of acid fog and salt fog is large, so it is very It is easy to rust. If you use hot-dip galvanized material at this time, the overall effect will be much better, so this material must be made of hot-dip galvanized material.

Is there a universal way to install traffic lights?
That is to say, when installing this traffic light, you basically don’t care about the size of the back strip or whether the other party has installed the accessories. The answer is definitely yes. I will share with you a very valuable point. That is a detailed drawing of his installation, as follows:

Let me share with you how we installed the traffic signal lights. Then I will share and explain with you the pictures taken in kind. Did you see that? There are two very good hoops on the back to hold this light pole firmly. Hug, why use two hoops? Because the two hoops form a force balance, it will not tilt the traffic signal light to the left and right, nor will this product be prone to danger due to a level 12 typhoon. Our installation method is a universal installation. the way.


Post time: Mar-20-2021
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