Shenzhen decorative traffic lights

Shenzhen decorative traffic lights
I wonder if you have seen the traffic lights for decoration? In other words, is there any? This concept says, what decorative traffic lights look like, we will introduce one specifically to you today. Decorative traffic lights for Luohu Wenheyou.


Shenzhen is really nothing unusual. The traffic lights for decoration are also used, and they have multiple indications, multiple states, different sizes and different sizes, which look particularly beautiful. We have modified the brightness according to the customer’s situation and the on-site situation. Adjust and adjust, because it is used indoors for this kind of decorative traffic lights, so we have greatly reduced the brightness, you just look like the light will be particularly soft, which is in line with the cultural tone of the catering industry.


Which traffic lights are there for decorative traffic lights?

Decorative traffic lights, its lamps and lanterns are various, there are round on the roadside, 300mm red, yellow and green arrows, the red, yellow and green arrows can indicate to the left or straight, and there are also very mini versions of 100 The new traffic lights, because I have red and green lights, do not have the traffic countdown as we call it. Different cycles have different tasks. There are also the traffic signal countdowns we call. There are also many kinds of traffic lights. Anyway, you can do whatever you want. get.


How long does it take to decorate the traffic light from the customer’s order to the shipment, because the customer temporarily decided to add this thing or he improved a lot of creativity.


Post time: Mar-30-2021
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