Full-Color ETC Outdoor led display

How to deal with the leakage of Shenzhen Nantouguan Full-Color ETC Outdoor led display?
Do you know the reason why LED display screens are very easy to break? The answer is water
As the old saying goes, dripping water can penetrate the stone. The effect of water will be a fatal blow to electronic products that require dry conditions. As long as a drop of water enters this product, even if you have painted the electronic three-proof paint, even if you did it. A lot of preparation work, as long as the water sticks to the components, it will be good at first, then it will gradually deteriorate, and it will burn out in an instant. Today, we will tell the story of Shenzhen Nantouguan etc. display.


We are honored to undertake the Full-Color ETC Outdoor led display in Nantoushan, Shenzhen, because in 2019 the entire country needs to charge highway etc tolls. We also enjoy this bonus. It is the etc of this toll station. The display gives us quite a headache.


There is a driveway display screen. We have repaired it three times. It is in the same place each time. The same module has problems. Every time you need to ask an elevated truck to repair it, the cost is very expensive. The company is in this respect I still have some experience, but it really took a lot of hard work on this screen. We finally sent our company’s weekly worker to the site to take a look. Then, we used our old method to put glue on top, and finally put this product After repairing, there have been no problems for a month so far. I hope it can be solved very well. Every detail needs to be done well. I hope this display can give our company a very big reflection on the waterproof effect. You have to do a flushing experiment, and you need to communicate with the customer about his on-site situation.


The waterproofing of the display is very important. It needs to be done carefully, the cabinet structure needs to be done well, the module positioning needs to be done well, the cable needs to be fixed to do it well, the details need to be done well, too many details need to be done carefully.

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Post time: Mar-12-2021
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