What is the brightness of the solar blue flashing light in Malaysia?

What is the solar blue flashing light in Malaysia?

The solar blue flashing light is a customized solar warning light. Usually the light emitted by the solar lamp is yellow, but it is replaced by blue. The solar blue flashing light is generally used in foreign places. This is a special solar warning lamp. It and the yellow lamp are set against each other to form a unique warning sign. Our domestic warning is characterized by red and blue warnings, but Foreign words are yellow warnings or blue warnings. Each country has different characteristics from each country. Today I will introduce to you this solar blue flashing light used in Malaysia.



What is the brightness of the solar blue flashing light in Malaysia?
The Malaysian blue solar flashing light uses a high-configuration lithium iron phosphate battery as the main power source, without the need for power grids and excavation of buried pipelines. Its light-emitting surface is composed of a 300mm luminous blue flashing light, which is made of light-emitting lens. Therefore, its visible distance is farther than ordinary warning lights, and its brightness is brighter than ordinary warning lights. Because the brightness of the blue LED is actually lower than that of other LEDs, but we use this kind of 30-degree LED light-emitting lamp beads, and we use a unique condenser (light-emitting lens) to make Each LED has a unique condensing effect on the front. In this case, its luminous brightness will magnify it on the original basis. Its luminous effect at night is very strong, although it It is solar, but it has undergone a special treatment of light effect, so it is still very good.


What kind of housing does the Malaysian solar blue flashing light use?
The outer shell of the Malaysian solar blue flashing light is made of environmentally friendly PC plastic shell, which is pressed at one time. It is characterized by good chemical stability and good corrosion resistance to general acids and alkalis; good electrical insulation, which is poor Conductor, safe to use; also has good waterproof performance and durable.


What kind of solar panel does the Malaysian solar blue flashing light use?
The solar panel of the Malaysian blue flashing light is made of monocrystalline silicon, which is a relatively active non-metallic element with high purity and high efficiency of solar energy conversion rate. Compared with most products that use amorphous silicon and polycrystalline silicon, The monocrystalline silicon solar panel has excellent battery life and high photoelectric conversion rate, which can make the blue flashing light work longer in continuous rainy weather.


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