Why should the car-oriented brand be equipped with flashing lights?

Why should the car-oriented brand be equipped with flashing lights?

There is no doubt that the vehicle-mounted guide card needs to be equipped with a bright flashing light. This is unquestionable. This must be configured, and it must be configured very, but many highway construction guides do not have a flashing light. Our highway construction The guide card is on the top, and there is a row of very bright red and blue warning lights. The effect is very good. The farther the distance is, the better. The visual distance reaches one kilometer away, so the warning effect will be more obvious.

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What kind of lamp beads should I choose for car-oriented brand?
What kind of lamp beads should be used for car-oriented brand? It must be round. The round lamp bead has a very good point, that is, focusing. If you are a patch, it is an astigmatic type. This is not correct, so choose a 25-light car guide When branding LED, please choose 5mm round head spotlight beads;

After choosing the lamp beads, when making this construction arrow lamp, pay attention to the protection of static electricity to prevent static electricity from penetrating the LED. Although the yellow light has strong protection ability, it must be produced in a dust-free workshop to guarantee our 25 lights The quality of the vehicle-oriented brand.

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The effect of the vehicle-mounted guide plate used on the expressway:
This time we made a car-oriented sign for the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway. We must know the speed limit of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway, but the speed is 120 kilometers per hour. This speed is very amazing. In our words, it is to run two kilometers per minute and run in one minute Four Mile Road, 4 Huali, the acceleration is very fast, at this moment like a wild horse, the speed is very fast, at this speed, sometimes it is inevitable that some highway mechanical and electrical products need maintenance, or the road surface It is necessary to clean up, so it is inevitable. Engineering construction. At this time, there must be engineering construction guidance signs and engineering construction arrow lights. Sometimes on the expressway, there are too many large trucks and heavy vehicles, too much water on the road surface, and too much erosion. It is inevitable that there will be some projects, highways need to be repaired and maintained. At this time, engineering vehicles are also needed to guide the work. You must know that this work is very dangerous. It must have high-strength and high-brightness safety indicators. The construction arrow light we are talking about today is not an ordinary energy-saving lamp, it is still very bright, and the warning effect is very good. Construction arrow light.

What is the visual distance of the vehicle-mounted guide plate?
At what distance should the vehicle-mounted guide card be seen? This is very demanding. It’s best to be able to see clearly from a kilometer away. There is construction in front and a construction guide sign in front of it. If the brightness of the construction progress sign is too low, if the driver is not paying attention at this time, It may cause some unnecessary losses, especially loss of life, loss of life and property, so this car arrow light, highway, arrow light must be one kilometer away to see the construction arrow light is working.

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