What is the most important of traffic lights?

What is the most important of traffic lights?
The wick of traffic lights is the most important accessory in traffic lights. This is a very old thing, and it is almost indispensable for every large intersection. The first traffic lights installed were made up of signal lamp housings and signal lamp wicks. With the development of cities, roads widened and traffic flow increased, the signal lights in some places would no longer be suitable for the modern trend of the road. There are some replacements.

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The shape and quality of traffic signal lamp wick?
What kind of traffic light wicks are available for traffic signal wicks? According to the situation of the intersection, it has disc wicks, arrow wicks, and some countdown wicks. The quality of current products has been greatly improved, as long as you choose real For regular manufacturers, there will be no problems in 3~5 years for updating the things they make.

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The safety problem of traffic signal lamp wick
The latest trend of traffic signal wicks. Last year, this kind of signal leakage accident occurred in Nanshan, Shenzhen. Last year’s flood caused some lines to leak, and there was a wounding incident in the middle. So how much voltage should the traffic signal wick use? ? After a long period of research, the scientific research institute of Shenzhen Victoria America decided to upgrade the signal machine in Shenzhen to a new type of 48 volt signal machine. Then the traffic signal light heart becomes 48 volt. In fact, it is right to think about it. 48 volts, although It exceeds the high-voltage voltage of the human body of 36 volts, but because its voltage is not too high, it will not cause much harm to the human body, and it will not hurt people. So I personally think that the wick is made 48 volts is also the future trend, so it’s good too.

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Should the wicks of traffic lights be waterproof?
This question is very important. I actually went to the site to install the traffic lights many times when the workers were installing. The new workers don’t care about you, or the overall quality of the workers is different. Some workers will be very careful to install this product to a limited extent. , The public only needs to install this product, so how should the traffic lights be waterproof? First of all, the first traffic light has a waterproof apron, which is the most basic second traffic light panel and the lamp shell. It has a degree of adhesion. It is best to apply waterproof glue in 4 weeks. In this case, the overall waterproof effect will be It will be great.


In addition to traffic signal wicks, we also produces other traffic signal lights:
1. Crossroad traffic lights
2. Mobile traffic lights
3. Solar traffic lights
4. Intelligent traffic signals, etc.

Post time: Apr-23-2021
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