What are the benefits of Zebra Crossing Luminous Floor Tiles traffic light?

what is the WenZhou What are the benefits of Zebra Crossing Luminous Floor Tiles traffic light?

To understand the smart zebra crossing luminous floor tiles, first let us understand what is the smart zebra crossing? For us, the zebra crossing is the most familiar safety line, also known as the lifeline. A common zebra crossing is a white horizontal line that marks a crosswalk on the road, which resembles the stripes on a zebra, and is mostly painted with paint. But it is slightly different from the wisdom zebra crossing now called. It upgrades a new type of ground traffic lights on the basis of zebra crossings. Smart zebra crossings are composed of LED luminous floor tiles or LED round active road studs, and integrated signal lights. Sound, light, electricity, and shadow technology can be used to warn pedestrians to cross the road and walk on the sidewalk, obey traffic signals, and at the same time remind passing vehicles to be courteous to pedestrians to slow down. These us traffic personnel call it a smart zebra crossing.


Today I will bring you a smart zebra crossing luminous floor tile from Wenzhou. What is it like? Let’s look down together.
At the intersection of Renmin Avenue, the administrative center of Cangnan, Wenzhou, you will see the luminous traffic lights on the zebra crossing: it is particularly eye-catching at night or on rainy days. This “smart zebra crossing” is composed of four parts: luminous floor tiles, circular road studs, pedestrian sensor detection, and integrated pedestrian signal lights. When the pedestrian sensor detects that a pedestrian passes and enters the zebra crossing sensing area, the ground lights on both sides of the zebra crossing will automatically light up and follow the pedestrian to roll and flash. When the pedestrian safely passes through the zebra crossing area, the ground lights will automatically go out. At the same time, there are integrated pedestrian signal lights at both ends of the zebra crossing. When pedestrians cross the road, they will be reminded by voice broadcast to pay attention to the passing vehicles, and they will pass quickly and safely; LED subtitles will also be used to remind motor vehicles tens of meters away to slow down .


What are the benefits of Wenzhou Cangnan Zhipu Zebra Crossing Luminous Floor Tiles?
Smart city, smart zebra crossing luminous floor tile is a very distinctive product. It has two uses. The first is for pedestrians running red lights. Near the zebra crossing, such a light strip will be installed at the safety island and the zebra crossing on the road. , Then this kind of light belt! That is what we now call Wenzhou Cangnan wisdom zebra crossing luminous floor tiles. It echoes the traffic lights at the crossroads on the road. When the zebra crossing is green, the smart zebra crossing luminous floor tiles are also bright green, so pedestrians can pass. When the zebra crossing is red, then the smart zebra crossing floor tiles are It is also bright red, which ensures fast and safe passage for pedestrians.


Wenzhou Cangnan Smart Zebra Crossing Luminous Floor Tile Manufacturers:
Shenzhen Videmei Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of smart zebra crossing products. The company produces different styles and models of smart zebra crossing products. All the smart zebra crossing series are produced by automatic AI equipment and assembly lines. Our smart zebra crossing series There are: smart zebra crossing floor tiles, smart zebra crossing spikes, smart zebra crossing voice prompt posts, smart zebra crossing integrated signal lights, smart zebra crossing pedestrian crossing buttons, and so on.
Shenzhen Videme Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. has been established for more than 10 years. It is an innovative and powerful manufacturer of smart zebra crossing products. We have an excellent team integrating design, research and development, production and sales. We will launch new products from time to time every year, and customers are also welcome to customize pictures…


In addition to the Smart Zebra Crossing series, We also produces other traffic lights:
1-way signal light
2. Highway mechanical and electrical products
3. Construction guide card
4. Solar transportation products, etc.

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