dynamic red green 300 mm led pedestrian traffic light

dynamic red green 300 mm led pedestrian traffic light
Signs for pedestrians to cross the road safely-dynamic red green 300 mm led pedestrian traffic light:
Pedestrian traffic lights are traffic lights on the road, the most traffic light, it is mainly composed of red, pedestrian standing image and green pedestrian walking image below a combination of a traffic signal light, its role refers to only pedestrians Follow the lighting pattern of this light to pass


What are the dynamic red green 300 mm led pedestrian traffic light?
Pedestrian traffic lights, there are more patterns now, some in order to be more humane, the red and green two-color countdown is specially added to the upper pattern, and the lower part becomes the combination pattern of the red man standing and the green man walking, and in this person Inside the running lights, this blind voice prompt is added, all of which are for the convenience of pedestrians.


What are the shell materials of pedestrian traffic lights?
There are two kinds of shells for pedestrian traffic lights. One is PC material, which is what we often say, plastic material. It is a shell made by die casting, and the other is made of magnesium aluminum alloy. We talked about in the previous introduction


In addition, we also talked about two kinds of materials. For different installation places, aluminum-magnesium alloy materials are mainly used in cities that are relatively cold in winter, because cold will cause thermal expansion and contraction, and it will be very hot in summer. At that time, the material requirements were relatively high, so we put it in the northern city. The cities we made are now Henan, Xinjiang, Ningxia, and the three northern provinces. There are a lot of them. We ran in many cities and installed many cities, and we came to this conclusion.


Let’s take a look at a picture of an aluminum dynamic red green 300 mm led pedestrian traffic light
Let’s take a closer look. This aluminum-shell pedestrian traffic light has a small stuck point protruding from its shell for 4 weeks. It is for this purpose that the panel of the traffic light’s pedestrian light is closed and clamped with its bottom plate. , And then the waterproof effect is better.

Aluminum shell, pedestrian traffic light, its fineness is not as good as PC shell, but its durability is much better than PC’s, so the two have their own merits.


Post time: Apr-14-2021
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