Where can we buy mini kids small traffic light?

Where can we buy mini kids small traffic light?

2 aspect 100mm led traffic lights is a mini kids small traffic light. Its purpose is very special. In foreign countries, it is mainly used to show the following traffic lights. There are 100mm, and red, yellow and green also have 2 aspect 100mm led traffic lights This shows people. It is very convenient, because there are no pedestrian lights in foreign countries, he uses these small traffic lights instead.so this 100mm lines of this kind of small traffic lights are produced.


The 2 aspect 100mm mini kids small traffic light has a compact and exquisite structure. Its outer shell is made of plastic. It can be combined arbitrarily. It can be composed of red, yellow, green, and red and green. The single lamp can also display red and green separately. Its voltage is generally 12V, 24V, or 220V, and most are 220V.


The 100mm mini kids small traffic light has a simple structure and is very convenient. Its sunshade and light body are integrated, so it will never be damaged in the middle of transportation, and the packaging is very beautiful. He wrapped it with sponges Get up, then click in. It is small and easy to transport, and the wiring is very convenient, so it is loved by the majority of users, and the water resistance is also very good. Our company makes this 100mm mini kids small traffic light. It is filled with glue inside. Yes, even if there is water in the wind and the wind, the lamp will not break. This is a particularly good place for us to do.


100mm mini kids small traffic light are used abroad, so its green color is basically a blue-green color. This is a specific traffic light. The green color becomes traffic green. Its wavelength is basically 500 ~ 503, and the color will turn green. Therefore, it is not so eye-catching. Traffic green is specially used for traffic, so it is particularly easy to use.

The following are the pictures we took. The pictures will be clearly recorded. The appearance of our products is small and exquisite, and then they are also very beautiful and easy to install.


The mini kids small traffic light of our company has a very good place to do it, that is, we lead the wire directly, without the need to reopen the outlet cover inside the customer, open the light box inside to connect, and directly connect the outside, we have already It’s coming outside, so it’s convenient for guests, and then we have our own label AC on each line. Then the red light corresponds to the red light label, the green light corresponds to the green light label, and the black is the public neutral line. This makes it very convenient for the customer to pick it up and also very easy to use.


Where can I buy mini kids small traffic light?

First, what is a mini kids small traffic light? mini kids small traffic light refer to products other than 200MM traffic lights, 300MM traffic lights, and 400MM traffic lights that are normally used on the road. In foreign countries, it is usually used below the pole to give pedestrian instructions. Small traffic lights in China. There are also some small traffic lights on the main machines and equipment. It will also teach young children to increase the traffic awareness of children. Now the small traffic lights in our country are mainly used for instructions for some mechanical equipment, such as red lights. If it is, it indicates that the device is forbidden or not working. If the light is yellow, it means that the device has some problems. The green light means that the device is normal. There are also some special uses, such as above the car washing equipment, specific places, etc.


Secondly, the special light-emitting diameter 100MM mini kids small traffic light of the small traffic lights we talked about today, please see the size, thickness, details, materials, etc. of these 100mm arrows of traffic lights.


This product has a fine workmanship. The shell is made of PC material and can be combined arbitrarily. It can be combined into one lamp, two lamps, three lamps, four lamps, etc. Any combination can be made if you want it. , Exquisite, there is a small brim in front of it, Mo Yan can be shaded, that is, to gather light together, but also to block the rain, so this pretending to be called a sun hat, also known as a rain hat, these two concepts are Similarly, there are basically two kinds of voltages on the 100 lines of traffic lights. One is 220 volts. It is used directly with machinery or special purposes. There are also some that are played by this child. You can You can use the battery to directly connect the power. The advantages of this small 100MM traffic light are that it is exquisite, compact, and the brightness is uniform. Don’t look at him small, but he has a very good distance. Very Clear.


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