VHDL Project : Four way, Four lane, Indian rules based Traffic Light controller Simulation.flv

Hello friends, Here is the simulation video for four way and four lane traffic light controller, This project is based on VHDL coding, and FSM technique is used to develop that system, This project having total 8 Traffic lights 2 Traffic lights for each way, This system is properly synchronized with other traffic lights and This system is designed to reduce the traffic problems like jam, accidents, etc with minimizing the traffic densities on the ways, in such a manner that how many sides show green so that no problem will accure,…
I hope you like this video, you can represent that project in your college as a major project or minor project as well, You can further implement this project in hardware as well with the help of led lights and PLD devices,
I hope you like this video, Thank you for watching.

I would love to read your suggestions and comments here,
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Post time: Jan-26-2017
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