Seattle is a commuter’s paradise! Why go to Bora-Bora or Tahiti when we have this??

With the City of Seattle now the fastest growing city in the United States..and ever more crushed in incredibly dense and dangerous vehicular traffic (making Seattle an extremely dangerous city for pedestrians, bicyclists and for drivers and passengers of all manner of vehicles) a question:
Should the City Council introduce useless but symbolic legislation to re-name the sections of (north-south) I-5 (Interstate 5) inside the city limits in honor of NYC’s Queens and Long Islands famously congested LIE, i.e. the Long Island Expressway?
Having grown up in Queens, NY in the 1950′s & 60′s, I recall the LIE being called the world’s biggest parking lot.
Seattle’s I-5 is on the way to try to capture that title, hands down (and off the steering wheel, w/ drivers preoccupied w/ all manner of new distracting dashboard devices in one’s car, van, truck etc) Even bicyclists are seen in Seattle reading their text messages and talking on cell phones while biking! It’s a new world!
Concerned about staying alive while crossing any street, intersection or avenue in Seattle? Don’t be silent!
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Seattle campaign for pedestrian safe “All cross-walk” intersections. The campaign also advocates for safety for bicyclists of all ages, kids to seniors:


Post time: Oct-21-2017
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