Palms LUX APT Parking & Check-In Video Folly Beach Vacation Rental

Palms LUX APT Parking & Check-In Info
When you come on to Folly Beach Island you will be on Center St (there is only one way on the island)
On Center St there is only one Traffic light and you will take a right at the light (the “St James Gate” Irish Pub is on that right corner).
Immediately behind the Irish Pub you will turn left into an alley road that runs behind the pub and then on the left hand side of the alley road next to the recycle bins you will see 2 chained off parking spots with the LUX APT Front or Back sign hanging from it, the chain is not locked, just unhook it and lay it to the side.
PLEASE NOTE: This is somewhat of a tight parking spot and if you have a really big vehicle it may require a few 3 point turns to get in but just take it slow and you should be fine, we routinely park a big full size truck there so it is possible, you might find it easier to let everyone out of your vehicle and let them go on up to the unit and just park after you have unloaded. If you have any issues with this or if you have several vehicles that need to park please know that there is plenty of free street parking and a pay lot less than a block away.
If you let us know ahead of time about any special parking needs we will do our best to accommodate you.
Once you park you simply walk through the wooden gate on the right hand side of the alley in between the back of the Pub and Dentist Office (Brown Brick House Looking Office)
Walk down in between the 2 buildings and the first set of steps midway on your left goes up to the Back Unit and walk all the way down the ally and the steps that are at the end on your left (by Center St) go up to the Front Unit.
For the Front Unit open the lock by entering the code and turn deadbolt to the left to unlock, enter code and turn to the right to lock
For the Back Unit simply enter the code and wait and you will hear it unlock, to lock simply press the “Lock” icon button on the lower right side of the lock and you will hear it lock.
Always make sure that the locks have engaged and if you have any trouble just call us at 843-580-3731

Post time: Oct-21-2017
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