where can find a good Solar radar speed screen factory?

What kind of display module is used for Solar radar speed screen?

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1. Can the radar speed screen be assembled with the display module?
Many radar speed screens, because of the different venues, or no way to receive electricity, the site is limited, so he can only make

solar energy, there are also many radar speed screens, it is not through digital display, but it is not only displayed through the display

screen Can display the speed of the car can also display this text, such as driving carefully, driving carefully, pay attention to safety

and speeding, etc.
Then the radar speed of this kind of display, especially solar energy, everyone knows that solar energy products must save energy, so

what kind of display module can be used to make this product?
Second, what kind of display module is used for solar radar speed limit screen?

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To know the solar energy, radar speed screen If the display module power consumption is too large, then the entire battery power is very

easy to consume, then a very good product itself, you can not display without a computer, without the led display, the previous work is

abandoned, So be sure to choose a very good product, a very good display, a very energy-efficient display model, in order to make this

radar speed display
Let’s recommend a very good radar speed screen module. We will introduce one of our commonly used display modules. This is the p20′s

two-color display module. Its LED is a round head plug. LED, that is, its LED is a round head, why use a round head? Because of the round

head LED, its concentrating is very good, then the concentrating is good, its brightness will be very good.
The second way, because the radar speed screen its visual distance is relatively far, it will let you see within three or four meters and 10 meters,

it has no effect, he is far from seeing clearly The best, for example, 50 meters, 100 meters, 200 meters, the more the 300 meters wide, the clearer

the better, so the LED needs do not need too much, not too dense.
Third, solar radar speed screen display module selection and selection?

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When we choose the module of the solar radar speed measuring screen, we can basically use the point spacing of 20mm. Because the number

of LED lamp beads is too much after too dense, the power consumption of it is still quite large. This is based on the requirements of the guests,

he can choose the most suitable LED display module according to the size of the display.
Fourth, how is the solar radar speed screen display module made?
Take a look at the solar radar that we have made in the solar radar speedometer factory. How did the test panel display module be made? Is there

any way, for example, LED automatic plug-in machine to light, such as automatic glue filling machine to seal the LED, such as some tests, assembly,

aging pictures, the real factory is all the details Can show him to you
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