Where are the good quality traffic lights?

Where are the good quality traffic lights?

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1. Where are good quality traffic lights?
First of all, let’s talk about what kind of traffic lights are good traffic lights? This has to be talked about in many ways. Today we are talking about this traffic signal from a buyer ’s engineering company. Why is it a very good traffic signal?
Traffic signal is a product of municipal road infrastructure, it is a product of people’s livelihood project, traffic signal is a face project, because the city’s traffic lights are visible to everyone every day, You have to look at the traffic lights when going out at the crossroads, then the good or bad of this traffic light determines the pros and cons of this product, and the decision of the local people about this traffic light, people will not go to the traffic lights, nor Things to see on the road, traffic lights are the first sensory products.
Second, how can we make a very good traffic signal?

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First of all, the traffic lights have been developed for decades. The first traffic lights were developed in the UK. At the beginning, there were only red lights and green lights. Later, yellow traffic lights were added according to the situation. According to the increasing number of road vehicles, the city is becoming more and more developed, and a large-scale promotion of traffic lights has gradually evolved. At first, it was a neon light, which later became a traffic light bulb, and now it has become an LED traffic light. Decades of ups and downs have finally formed a very stable product today.
3. How can we make a good traffic signal?
1. The most important thing for traffic lights is the raw material. The raw material is the light-emitting lamp beads. The light-emitting lamp beads must be used. Very good LED chips. Only the chip is stable, the LED light emission is stable, and the second is attenuation. One possibility of attenuation is that the LED must use a very good anti-aging glue in the middle of the production process. It is necessary to know that the LED in Japan and Asia is still very good. Of course, after so many years of development, Now domestic LEDs are also doing very well. At this time, very good LEDs must be selected for their own packaging and their own production;
2. Step 2 How to make a very good traffic signal light, and one of its carriers, that is, the traffic signal light, the traffic light board must use 1.6-thick traffic plates, and then it must be copper-clad, very Thick, and then there must be a very stable high power factor power supply, this traffic signal power supply, and must use very fast traffic signal power supply, otherwise when the signal flashes, the power will not be synchronized at this time;
3. How to make a very good traffic signal in step 3, when all the materials are ready, the machine must be used to produce the lighting machine in the future, only in this way its uniformity can be guaranteed, only Only the things made by the machine can guarantee his longevity. The static must be ensured during the production process. Er, avoid the static electricity. Do n’t carry static electricity to produce this traffic signal. The workshop must be spacious enough and must be produced in a dust-free workshop.

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4. Point 4, how to make a very good traffic signal, that is to test the aging of the whole machine, everyone knows that any product needs to go through a long test before its appearance, then the traffic signal is a kind of people’s livelihood project The product requires a lot of time to test the aging, high and low temperature impact to test the hydrochloric acid, the general traffic signal machine aging must be more than 24 hours, if the customer does not require so fast delivery, Traffic lights must be aged for more than 72 hours in large quantities, and impact aging must be formed in the middle of the aging process, that is to say, a test program that simulates the intersection of breaking, extinguishing, breaking, extinguishing.
4. Do you know where there are very good manufacturers of traffic lights?
Shenzhen WideWay  Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of traffic lights. The company has a 6000-square-meter production aging base with three floors. The company gathers talents and talents. It has a fully automatic equipment production line and a fully automatic aging production line. Working together, it has formed a very good product production industry chain today, which has made a lot of high-quality returns for many engineering business application buyers, and has formed its own very good reputation. Welcome new and old friends, welcome new and old engineering companies to consult , A lot of grafting, our aim is to share the worries for customers, professional people do professional things, we want to be the best production base of traffic lights, we want to be the largest production base of traffic lights, is our historical mission and pursuit!
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