What kind of battery do solar strobe lights generally use?

What kind of battery do solar strobe lights generally use?

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1. What kind of batteries do solar strobe lights generally use?
Solar flashing lights, first of all, the battery it uses is relatively large. Like our company, it uses a 12-volt battery. Why should I talk about this 12-volt battery first? Because this battery is two volts, it has twice the capacity of a 6 volt battery, and then we use an 8 ampere battery, then 12 volt 8 ampere hours, its total power is 96 watts, which is 6 36 watts at 6 volts is about three times larger, so this kind of battery can guarantee this solar strobe light, it can use normal power output normally

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2. What kind of solar panels do solar strobe lights generally use?
Solar panels are also very important. Like the 9-volt solar panels used by many peers, 9-volt solar panels are not impossible, but they are required to be used in summer, and we use 18-volt solar panels. Why? Use 18 volts? Because in this way, its current is much larger, is there any use of 18 volt 10 watt solar panel, then this calculation, the entire solar battery will be very good, because our battery uses 12 volts Yes, so the whole calculation will be very good, so use good batteries and good solar panels to ensure the normal use of this product.

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3. What stations are needed for the production of solar strobe lights?
When producing solar strobe lights, you will need to assemble circuit boards, assemble reflectors, assemble batteries, assemble aluminum shells, assemble the assembly heads on both sides, and have QC inspection station packaging stations. Very OK, and then do not pack it immediately after finishing, it must be used to measure the solar charge, and all products are aged for more than 24 hours.
Good quality comes from good craftsmanship, the same is true for solar strobe lights, any product needs to be done with care, professional people do professional things, so are solar strobe lights. Bao flash lamp manufacturer.

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4. In mass production of U.S. solar strobe lights:
Vimee Solar’s solar strobe lights related recommendations:
1. Double-sided solar strobe light
2. Solar double-sided aluminum shell strobe light
3. Solar double-sided plastic strobe light
4. Integrated solar strobe light

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