What is a Road repair traffic lights?

The parameters of a Road repair traffic lights:


Lamp size: 1000*250*110MM
Bottom box size: 800*550*400MM
Total height: 2360MM
Lamp Beads Category: Taiwan Crystal Chip Lamp Beads
Red wavelength: 620-625NM
Green wavelength: 520-525NM
Yellow wavelength: 590-595NM
Lamp color: red yellow green
Number of lamp beads: 50 red, yellow and green with lens
Shell material: electrostatic spraying, sheet metal chassis
Working temperature: -40C ° ~ 65C °
Protection level: IP53
Solar panel: 40W / 18V
Battery: 12V/55AH
Working voltage: DC12V
Rated power: red, yellow and green 8W each
Service life: 100000H
Working mode: remote control


Road repair traffic lights refer to the lanes in the two directions that were normally normal. Because of road repair, there may be

a direction to seal the road so that the vehicle can only follow a single lane, that is, one direction can enter the vehicle, Being able

to get out of the vehicle, in this case, you need to repair the road traffic lights.
All vehicles have to go through this road. Only when they are alternately released can the vehicle pass normally. What kind of traffic

lights should be used to direct the alternate traffic?


The earliest way of road construction communication is to use manual guidance. One person on each side, and then use a pager. When there

is no car on this side, you can call the other party and let the other party come over. When the other party has no car, you can call this. On the

side, let the vehicles here pass, which is a great loss of manpower, and it is impossible for the person to work 24 hours a day at night, and it is

impossible to say that the vehicle is still passing in the early hours of the morning. Only under the road traffic lights can be used to direct traffic



Second, what kind of traffic lights are road repair traffic lights?
Road traffic lights, also known as road traffic lights, the road traffic lights are composed of red, yellow, green traffic lights, usually road traffic lights

need to be powered by solar energy, there are batteries, carts The road traffic lights can be easily pushed, so one of these traffic lights on the left and

one such traffic light on the right.


3. How does the road traffic light work?

Earlier we introduced the road traffic lights, which are composed of red, yellow and green on both sides. There is no connection in the middle. You

can push it away. How far is the distance. Within two kilometers, his working method is Working with the 2.4G communication module, there is a

set of lights in the two sets of lights to send signals, and a set of lights is to receive signals. When a group of lights sends a green signal, the other

party will receive his signal, and the other party will Display red, when the signal is red, the opposite group of lights will display the green traffic

status according to the situation on the road. Oh, the main direction light is continuously sent to the negative direction light, work order Thereby

achieving the entire road surface to work according to the signal of the main lamp


4. Can the time for road traffic lights be modified?
He knows that when the road is being built, the road that may be repaired may be longer. Then, is the green light transit time longer? Is there any

way to debug it? The answer is yes. The green light can be debugged with the remote control according to the condition of this road. How long is

this road? According to the speed of the car, the time of passing the car is calculated, and then the time of the green light is set, and then the time

of the green light can also be performed according to the remote control, increasing the time or reducing the time, and the road traffic light is

cleaned, and its setting is very convenient.

How should road repair traffic lights work in an emergency? In an emergency situation, for example, if there is a vehicle rear-end collision, then

the road traffic lights should turn red light on both sides. At this time, the personnel must see the intersection, and operate according to the

emergency. Immediately, the traffic lights on both sides turn red immediately. The lights, then go to the middle of the treatment, the collision of

the vehicle can be passed after five, road repair traffic lights in the case of a lot of traffic lights will his communication frequency will be chaotic?
For example, if there are several places within one kilometer of the same time to start road repairing, then if you use the same frequency transmitter

to operate at this time, the traffic lights will be garbled, that is to say, traffic lights will be chaotic, road traffic lights will also be Will not work

according to the normal situation, then this time you need to modify the communication frequency, such as: 433.5, say 433
Under such circumstances, there will be no garbled characters, because its communication frequency is not the same, so the situation of sending

and receiving will be clear.

6. Where is the power supply for road traffic lights?
Where does the power of the road traffic lights come from? Road traffic lights, it is powered by solar panels, and then the battery is passed through the

battery protector to supply power to the traffic lights. When the company is doing the road traffic lights, the solar panels used are 60 watts of high power.

Solar panels, charging is very sufficient, and the power of each panel is only about three watts, so this time no matter how the road traffic lights work, he

is enough, no power, no matter how good the communication module is There is no way to work, so be sure to have sufficient power and good power to

make this road traffic light work normally.
7. Can roadside traffic lights be counted down to the driver?
On the road surface, the driver saw the traffic light just to see a red light. I don’t know how long it will turn into a green light. In this case, can I add a

countdown card to this traffic light? For example, if I have 9 seconds left to see this countdown, then I know that I should be ready to start work in 9

seconds, and I am ready to start. I am already at the road traffic lights. I can have one in case of use. Countdown, that would be better
Eight, should the roadside traffic lights be counted on both sides?
The answer is yes. The drivers on both sides should see the countdown time of the road traffic lights. When this is the red countdown of the road

traffic lights, the other side should be the green countdown. In this case, the drivers will not It will be very flustered, and it will be operated according

to the time of this road traffic light. This is very necessary.

How to installation the sun visor and L-bracket:


Product Installation method:

1)solar panel installation:
1.1:First connect the power cord from the hole in the signal pole to the bottom and then the power.
1.2:Assemble the solar panel and the solar bracket and tighten the screws (Picture 3)
1.3:Figure 3 is assembled and fastened with the solar bevel bracket. Fastening method: fasten with 4 M10
stainless steel screws (Figure 4)
(2)How to install the light box:
2.1:First connect the power cord from the hole in the signal pole to the bottom and then the power.
2.2:A screw is left at both ends, and the nut above the screw is unscrewed.
2.3.Make 2 holes on the signal pole, drill holes according to the hole of the L bracket of the signal, pass the
pole with a suitable screw, and put the L-bracket on the screw and fix it with a nut. (as shown in Picture 5)
(3)Install the pole and trolley:
3.1:Align the hole on the bottom flange of the upper pole of the luminaire with the hole on the trolley, and then
fasten it with M12 screw + shrapnel + washer. (The screw is first set of shrapnel and then the shim)
(As Picture 6)


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