What do you do when the motorized traffic signal light goes out

What do you do when the motorized traffic signal light goes out

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The motorized signal light is very grateful to the American customers for their recognition of us. He gave us his own traffic light scheme. We hope that we can make a good traffic light and good idea traffic light according to his scheme. Please take a look. A mailing address, a mailing list, and some real accessories that match the traffic lights. The real intention of this American customer is: we need our traffic lights to cooperate with its products, display them together, and then achieve a common effect. That is to say, the red light is a state, the green light is a state, and the yellow light is a state. This custom traffic light can be displayed by numbers or by the color of his light.

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Motorized Signal Lights 14 sets of countdown traffic lights for Nanhai Avenue, Foshan, shipped out of 14 sets: all traffic lights within Guangdong Province, especially motor vehicle traffic lights, the method used is to use a single 8 countdown traffic light to display the vehicle. How long is it? This kind of traffic signal lights can show driver and friends a very accurate safety information through digital display. When the green countdown finally counts down, how long will it take to turn into a red light, then when the red traffic light turns green again, everyone will I know how long it takes to prepare and start the vehicle. This is a very user-friendly setting, so it has been widely promoted. Foshan, Zhaoqing, Meizhou, Heyuan, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Maoming, etc. , All use this kind of traffic light display, so this single 8 display traffic light is very easy to use. Traffic light case.

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Common housing materials for domestic traffic lights: mainly divided into four categories: PC materials; die-cast aluminum materials; aluminum profiles; sheet metal materials; advantages and disadvantages of various traffic signal materials: 1, PC material advantages: low mold costs, Light weight, convenient aerial work, low price among these materials, good safety, no additional lightning protection measures are needed, the mold is formed at one time, assembly and installation are very convenient, and the waterproof and dustproof effect is better than other types Better. If the shell of PC material is added with UV-resistant material, the service life can be up to about 30 years. Disadvantages of PC material: There are manufacturers to compress costs, and secondary materials and waste materials will be mixed. Inexperienced builders are not easy to distinguish. The shell produced by this material has poor weather resistance. The shell will crack and become brittle within three or four years.

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Motorized traffic light manufacturers analyze the rationalization of the number of signal lights installed: 1. For the entrance of an intersection, one or more signal light groups can be installed as needed; 2. When a properly channelized triangular diversion island is set at an intersection, in general, The signal lamp post should be set on the diversion island; 3. When the distance between the entrance parking line and the opposite signal lamp is large, the opposite signal lamp should use a light unit with a transparent traffic signal surface with a diameter of 400mm; 4. There is no motor vehicle lane and For roads with non-motorized lane separation, opposite signal light poles should be installed at the tangent point of the curb. When the road is wider, it can be installed on the sidewalk on the right side of the road.

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