What are the participating traffic lights in the sports car exhibition?

1. What are the participating traffic lights in the sports car exhibition?

The participating traffic lights are also called exhibition traffic lights.
Many companies will participate in the exhibition in order to show their strength, to participate in the exhibition, one is to enhance confidence

in the company, the second is to make the business feel that the company is very strong, and third, to enhance the comprehensive strength of the

company, to find more in the middle of the exhibition Many business opportunities, in the middle of the exhibition process, in order to do their

own comprehensive strength, so many companies will, with other products to pull the river to show, then the participating traffic lights are one of

them, I have done with Huawei This traffic light is then used for exhibitions, and many exhibition companies have bought our traffic lights for the

We have done a very interesting case. The Porsche Sports Car Exhibition Center Auto Exhibition Center is designed to better display this product.

It is specially decorated with traffic lights as a decoration. The entire exhibition hall is very large, and it is more appropriate after the traffic lights.

2. What is the size of the participating traffic lights in the sports car exhibition?

In fact, exhibiting traffic lights, as long as it shows its role and effect, he mainly to pass friends, there is a display effect can bring out this exhibit

can be, in fact, the participating traffic lights are a green leaf, in order to be able to display exhibits Better, so it plays a role in setting off, so how

big is this traffic light? He is usually 200mm, his scientific name is 200mm traffic light, its size is 250mm, the height is 500mm, so this product

is not too big, but its effect is very good, his traffic light is very good.
3. How much voltage does the exhibiting traffic light generally use?

So how to get the electricity, it is best to exhibit traffic lights. Generally speaking, it is directly powered by 220 volts. In order to have this effect,

it will be connected to a switcher that switches to each other, that is, the red light of the participating traffic lights. How many seconds to display,

how many seconds to display the green light, this time can be specified according to the customer’s requirements, so as long as you can tell the

time to do according to your requirements, so it is more convenient, exhibiting traffic lights, how to install the traffic lights? ? The participating

traffic lights are particularly convenient to install, that is to say, the traffic lights are displayed. There is a bracket on the top. There is a bracket

to nail it to the wall, or it can be nailed to the corresponding shelf, so it is convenient to install it. So, in general, the participating traffic lights

are a small accessory, it can be installed at will, no problem to arbitrarily

4. Are there any rental traffic lights that can be rented?

The answer is yes. It is a pity to show the traffic lights if it is only used once, but the traffic lights do not say that they are very bad, because he

is a product with high requirements, then if you come to the factory to rent Its cost is very low, and then it will not waste resources or cause

environmental pollution. Then you can ask the manufacturer at this time, can you rent it, Shenzhen Wide Way Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. can

If you do, they can send the traffic lights to you later, and then you can rent them for a day. The price is very real, and the things are very good,

and some small services can be provided for free.

In addition to exhibiting traffic lights, we also produces other traffic lights:
1, double 8 countdown timer traffic signal light
2, single 8 countdown timer traffic signal light
3, 300mm red and green belt countdown timer.
4, 400mm left turn arrow red yellow green three lights, etc.

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