waterproof smart zebra crossing traffic light

How to control the traffic light of waterproof smart zebra crossing traffic light? How many wires does it have?
Wisdom zebra crossing floor tiles traffic lights its control method. It is connected with the red man and green man status of the traffic light, which means that when the red man is on, it lights up red and when the green man is on, he lights up green. This is a way to control the traffic lights. It has three lines. , Then my smart zebra crossing traffic lights correspond to the three lines, red to red, green to green, and public to public. Of course, our product is low-voltage, and traffic lights are high-voltage, so in this case, use A switching power supply will do.


Is the waterproof smart zebra crossing traffic light non-slip?
For the waterproof smart zebra crossing traffic light, we have a non-slip groove on the top of the product, just like a blind floor tile, it has a round and a non-slip nail, then its design is very user-friendly in this case, which means no matter Whether it is a blind person or a lover, it has a sense of convexity when stepping on it, so whether it is rainy or snowy, it has a slippage prevention strip on it, so this is also designed It is very user-friendly, so that the product itself can achieve a sublimation in an instant. We must not only do the product internally, but also be as humanized as possible on the external side. Only by achieving high-quality and inexpensive products can we win customers and win everyone’s love .


Are the traffic lights of smart zebra crossing and floor tiles waterproof?
First of all, let’s talk about this waterproof level. In our case, it is IP68. Because of the waterproofness of this product, it uses a secret waterproof glue. This glue is an eagle horn, and it connects the entire scholastic shell. Together, it is completely sealed and has a very high degree of fusion, and there are a large amount of such combined glue scattered inside, which makes this product stronger. Whether it is punched, bricks or hammers, it does not It will crack easily, even if it is smashed, it will not crack, so its waterproof performance is very good, can achieve an effect of IP68.


Green color waterproof smart zebra crossing traffic light:


Post time: Nov-03-2020
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