Variable speed limit LED display

Overview of the variable speed limit display:


The variable speed limit display has one side and two sides.
It is made up of high-end module P10 full color.
The unit module is 16X16 points.
The unit module display board size:
160MM × 160MM, pixel spacing 10MM.
The module of the variable speed limit display is a structure that integrates driving and display,
and is waterproof and dust proof.
Anti-corrosion field-type component structure, using constant current drive mode, with overcurrent,
Overheat protection.
The integrated circuits in the display unit are all connected with high reliability to meet the requirements of harsh environments.


Variable speed limit display applications
are available in a wide range of applications.
Can be designed according to
the specific requirements of different road sections.
Customized and personalized design can also be carried out according to the specific requirements of customers.
The variable speed limit display can be applied to highway tunnels,
speed limit areas, bridges and special sections
to play the role of speed limit reminder;
it can also be used for branch roads of urban traffic, schools and speed limit sections, with prompts and speed limits.
No matter where it is applied,
Its main purpose is to alert the driver to driving safety.


1. The variable speed display has a variety of playback modes:
Can be displayed directly, left, right, up, down,
Wording method, word speed, dwell time,
The font size, etc. can be changed.

2. The maximum brightness and minimum brightness of the display can be set.
This feature allows the user to set the entire display

Maximum display brightness and minimum display brightness.

3. The display box material is made of cold-rolled board.
Non-reflective, anti-glare, fully enclosed, weatherproof, weatherproof

Type, in line with IP65 protection. The surface color is black,
Derusting and anti-rust treatment before spray treatment.

4. The display box adopts the front door opening mode, and the

LED display adopts the modular design of the unit, which can be easily maintained.


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