Traffic lights for school road control system

Traffic lights for school road control system

pedestrian traffic light
1. Introduction to the traffic lights of the school road control system:
The traffic lights of the school road control system are composed of three units, a pedestrian crossing button and a control box, which are the red full plate unit, the green full plate unit, and the double 8 unit. The three units are assembled according to the installation method required by the customer. The signal light is generally installed on the cross pole or vertical pole of the light pole.
It is widely used in residential areas, school intersections, parking lots, workshops, airports, enterprises and institutions, etc. to guide the passage of pedestrians and vehicles. It can effectively manage the passage of personnel and vehicles in a safe and orderly manner.
High-brightness lamp beads, eye-catching colors and clear colors, long viewing distance have good visual effects no matter in the day or night.
2. The working principle of the traffic lights of the school road control system:
The traffic lights of the school road control system control them according to certain control procedures, implement time isolation at the time of turning on the lights, and display the red and green lights at the intersections to direct traffic flow and implement time isolation to achieve the separation of vehicles and people. Access control. Both the red and green lights will show a countdown of the lights; the traffic lights are in a normal cycle. If there are special circumstances, you need to press the pedestrian button to realize that the underground and ground are red lights. The time for the pedestrian to press the button needs to be adjusted. After the pedestrian time is over, the traffic lights automatically return to the previous settings and the normal cycle begins.
The traffic lights of our school road control system have a very powerful feature, that is, the time of this product can be changed immediately after adjustment, because it is 485 communication (instant communication), after adjustment, public time and traffic light time can be instant It shows that it is in line with the requirements of national standards, and can be adjusted to 99s (not needed under normal circumstances), he can also bring his own yellow light, that is, it can be operated by red, yellow and green lights, because the overall function of this traffic light is very powerful .
3. Traffic light application scenarios of school road control system:

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1. When used in a single-pass underground parking lot, a curve from the ground entrance to the underground exit is about 50 meters; a group of ground (red and green countdown) + a pedestrian pass button; a group of underground (red and green countdown ) + A pedestrian pass button (Pedestrians want to pass, press the button once, the two groups of indicators turn red).
2. When applied to entrances and exits of school intersections, communities, business units, etc., it normally runs normally. For example, during school hours and off hours, pedestrians need to press the pedestrian crossing button. The lights on both sides immediately turn into red lights, and pedestrians can pass. Press The two sets of indicator lights turn red when you cross the street. The red light time is the common time of the two lights.
4. The installation effect of the traffic lights of the school road control system:
In addition to the traffic lights of the school road control system, Vimee also produces other traffic lights:
1. Mini traffic lights
2. 300mm full disk with three countdown lights
3. 300mm full plate traffic lights
4. 300mm pedestrian lights with three countdown timer lights

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