Traffic lights at the intersection of Zengcheng New City

1. Traffic lights at the intersection of Zengcheng New City:

Xincheng Avenue is a newly renovated road from Zengcheng Hotel to Guangzhou Low Carbon Park. This road is very beautiful,the

road is wide and tidy, and there is no ups and downs. There are very beautiful scenery around. There are some new ones opened by

Country Garden. Short buildings, not particularly high-rise properties, you can walk along this new city avenue, you can walk to the

beautiful Zengjiang, so we have been installing this traffic signal, in fact, have been enjoying its beautiful scenery. Traffic signal light

installation site at 17 intersections of Zengcheng New City Avenue:

Let’s take a look at the picture of the traffic lights we installed on site.

At the same time, let’s take a look at the beautiful scenery around this new city avenue. Look at this traffic light and see which beautiful

scenery is beautiful.
At the 17 intersections, the total distance is more than 20 kilometers. When the Zengcheng Hotel is out, there are more intersections when

you go forward. Later, when you arrived at this tourist attraction, the intersection was relatively small. The entire intersection was single. 8

traffic lights, that is to say, in the last few seconds, this red is able to display, from 9 seconds to a few green, when it finally turns yellow, it is

also from 9 seconds to a few, the traffic lights in Guangdong are This way, so we have done so much and have gained a lot of experience,

Third, Zengcheng New City Avenue traffic lights have those characteristics? This models of  the traffic lights on Xincheng Avenue have newly

added the following characteristics. The first one, each right turn, has added this to the channel, and turns right to the traffic signal. This right

turn traffic light is not added to the light pole. Instead, in the right turn to the pedestrian position, add a right turn traffic light, this right turn

traffic light now means yellow flashing, let the car pay attention to the role of polite pedestrians, On the left and right sides of the zebra crossing,

added This pedestrian signal light, also the humanoid signal light, its way of flashing works with the yellow flashing of the right turn traffic light,

that is to say, the yellow right turn flashing light flashes with the green human figure, so that although the cost is increased, This is quite human,

and it really plays a very clear and clear role for traffic lights.


4. The traffic lights at 17 intersections of Zengcheng New City Avenue have been installed:
Xincheng Avenue, left turn traffic lights, deliberately installed separately, we all know that the traffic lights are generally installed on the pole,

especially on the crossbar, generally left turn traffic lights he will not be alone in this vehicle On the left side, I specially installed this pole to install

this left-turn traffic signal, but in the middle of the 17 intersections, there is indeed this, demand, please see the picture to know, so this is also very

user-friendly, Especially in the case of a vehicle that is behind, or in the case of a large truck in front of him, he can clearly and clearly know the state

of the traffic signal.
Every place has the characteristics of every place. Every city has the exquisiteness of every city. Shanghai has Shanghai. The difference is that its traffic

lights are high-powered. His lights are beautiful and not dazzling. Sincerely and sincerely, he has done very fine places and is very popular with the

people. It can be seen in the traffic light. So every place has its own characteristics. Every place is for ordinary people. Where to do better, so thank you

very much for the heart of every city. As part of the infrastructure, we will do our own thing, do our own traffic lights, and do it the most. Strong, that is

our longest and farthest direction.



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