Toll station red cross green arrow traffic signal light

Toll station red cross green arrow traffic signal light

What is the toll booth red cross green arrow traffic signal light?
In front of the toll booth is only the signal indicator that the vehicle is driving according to the lane. It is

called the red arrow green arrow signal of the toll station. It is also called the red arrow green arrow of the

toll station. Although his name is different, his thing is a thing, its The effect is the same. The ceiling signal

lights and the ceiling signal lights are mainly called in the north. The south is basically called the red cross

green arrow.

The Canopy traffic signal light ceiling signal light, what is its general size? The size of this product is generally

600mm * 600mm, and then the thickness is generally about 80mm. This product has only two display modes,

one is the green arrow that can pass, the other is the lane is closed, just the signal Is the red fork,The new traffic

lamp in the canopy of the ceiling, what kind of LED should he use? Nowadays, there are two combinations on the

market. One is the combination of LED rubber and plastic pipe, or the future one is made of direct LED, made of

circuit board, and then assembled, then the whole display You can see the LEDs one by one. There are two ways to

combine them. In the first way, and the LED rubber tube refers to a plastic shell with several LEDs, which are then

combined into a beam and then passed through a bunch of light combined to form a pattern, a red fork or a green



The canopy signal light or the ceiling signal light, what kind of way is he placed at the toll gate, he has two sides, he

is not double-sided, it is a red cross green arrow in front, it is a red in the opposite direction Fork, it is two display

methods, but it is not double-sided. If it is a red cross green line inside the tunnel, it will be the front and back sides,

then the chassis is brought together, he is a separate chassis, ceiling light The ceiling light signal light, its chassis is

a separate front display case, a sign of the layout, the two chassis will not be brought together

What is the control method of the signal light beside the ceiling light? This way of working is basically using 220 volt

direct control, because the toll station system you don’t know which place, um, which lane suddenly closes or says this

small situation, requires this The lane is closed, then in this case, there is a toll collector for each of the toll gates, and

the state of the canopy signal and the red star wheel can be changed directly by the switch control, or the red is still, or



Green traffic, so it can be controlled by hand. There is a signal light on the head of the canopy signal. Does it mean that

the power is led to the main screen signal light of the skylight signal b below, and the power is directly connected with

low voltage. The answer is yes. We are doing all the toll stations in Tianjin. Well, all the toll stations are controlled by

the power supply. Then the power supply is directly installed on the toll collector of the toll booth,  then directly from

the low-voltage power supply from the toll booth. Then, in this case, the paradise lamp in the whole society will not have

any problems. Because it is low pressure, it does not What problems will arise, it will not be any problem if you use it for

less than 10 years. If there is a problem with the power supply, you can change the power supply directly below. This will

save the cost and the danger. Also greatly reduced.


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