Thailand has finally installed our company’s traffic lights

Thailand has finally installed our company’s traffic lights


Sawadika, do you feel that you are familiar with this? Yes, this is the greeting of Thailand. Thailand is a country that

Chinese people like to travel very much. Because the tourism industry is developed and the whole price level is not too

high, many people choose to go to Thailand to play, especially the first two. In the year, Wang Baoqiang’s performance

of the Thai baht made the Chinese have a good yearning for Thailand. Brushing my card is our impression of Thailand,

so the economy of Thailand has developed rapidly in the past two years. Second, the United States and the United States

traffic lights throughout the world:

We installed traffic lights in Cambodia and Myanmar some time ago, and went to Vietnam to direct the installation of traffic

lights. Now we have installed traffic lights in Thailand. The traffic lights in Thailand and the local characteristics of Thailand

are very beautiful.

Thailand is also a city with Chinese cultural characteristics. If we don’t see it, we took a photo after loading this traffic light.

There is also a Chinese city behind it, so China really has close ties with countries around the world. The Chinese are also

very hardworking and brave, and they are doing business with local residents.


What is the traffic light in Thailand like?

The traffic light we made to Thailand this time was a three-digit countdown traffic light with 8 digits, and red, yellow and green

traffic lights. Did you see it?

Traffic lights are a bit special, it requires to be able to display a countdown timer of 199 seconds. In our country, we only need

to choose to display 99 wonderful, but in Thailand we want to choose, display 199 seconds, so it is also drunk, but after debugging,

it is really because The number of vehicles to his scene is particularly high, and it is felt that the three-digit countdown signal should

also be used.



4. What size traffic lights do you use in Thailand?

Traffic lights in Thailand never use large traffic lights. For example, we use 400mm traffic lights in China, but Thailand uses 300mm

traffic lights, so 300 traffic lights are in Thailand in Southeast Asia. More popular, there are 200 types of traffic lights are also more

popular, but the 400 type traffic lights do use very little, Southeast Asian countries, all countries have our traffic lights, we must continue

to develop, continue to go Do a good job, bring a new order to each country, and bring a new traffic order.


In addition to Thai traffic lights, Victoria’s traffic lights are sold all over the world:

1, 200mm red cross green arrow traffic light

2, 125mm red and green traffic light

3, 125mm teaching red yellow green traffic lights

4, 100mm red yellow green traffic lights



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