Solution for dimming the traffic signal light

Solution for dimming the traffic signal light


We often go to Shenzhen Airport to pick up, many friends, many customers, there will be a traffic light at the airport high-speed entrance and exit, but whether you are a network car, or a etc lane or a kitten paying lane, there is a traffic light. Instruct, if you see the traffic lights, you can go until the current state, when the green light, we can go, then when the red light, we will not be able to walk. Traffic lights

Traffic signal light manufacturers analyze the coordinated optimization control of urban road intersections: In recent years, the number of motor vehicles in China has increased sharply, and the traffic volume has increased, making urban road traffic conditions increasingly tight. At the same time, road traffic facilities are imperfect and traffic structures are not Reasonable, mixed traffic and other reasons have increased the traffic pressure of urban roads; at present, traffic congestion has become a common problem of concern not only in China, but also in the world, and almost all cities are affected by traffic congestion to varying degrees. Trouble with other issues.


What do you need to pay attention to for traffic lights? First of all, we have a material for its LED lamp bead. The material of the earliest LED lamp bead is basically the material of Japan Nichia, because the whole Nichia lamp has its chip stable, mature technology, stable material, material. Without adulteration, the initial traffic signal production, its traffic signal quality is stable, and it is very effective, so the original traffic light bead was made with Nichia chips. Traffic signal precautions


Solution to the dimming of traffic lights: This problem should be solved in conjunction with the previous question. This may be the case if the brightness of the light is dim or not lit. Lamp Bead Problem: The lamp bead of traffic light is divided into a series of strings. The beads on each string are connected in series, and the strings are connected in parallel. Therefore, if a bead burns on this string, it will cause the string of lights to be off. If every string has a bead burned, it will cause the entire lamp to be off. If there is a bead burned in each string, consider the capacitor or resistor on the drive. The burnt lamp bead and the normal lamp bead can be seen from the appearance. The burnt lamp bead has a black dot in the middle, and the dot can not be wiped off. If the number of burned lamp beads is small, the two soldering feet behind the burnt lamp bead can be soldered together with a soldering iron. If the number of burned lamp beads is too much, it is recommended to buy a lamp bead to replace it, so as not to affect the brightness of the lighting.


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