Solar traffic lights, we choose wired one or wireless?

Solar traffic lights, we choose wired one or wireless?
Our very friendly country, African countries, solar energy resources are sufficient, the illumnation time

is very long.there is solar energy early in e morning, in the evening, the solar light is still very strong.

why? Because of African countries, he belongs to the middle equator of the earth, so he receives more of the sun’s grace all year round.

Under such conditions, many things in African countries can be powered by solar energy, converting solar energy into electricity, and

then using electricity to supply equipment. He saves a lot of engineering time and saves a lot of resources.

Let us talk about it today, the solar traffic lights in Africa, the number of traffic lights in our African countries are not many, but the

traffic of vehicles is relatively large, and the number of vehicles will increase more and more over time. Then, in the construction

of new traffic lights, new crossroads projects are all necessary.


How does solar energy traffic light in Africa turn solar energy into electricity? In fact, solar traffic signal light, he is an independent

body, all of his sources are photovoltaic panels, that is, solar panels, which convert solar energy into photovoltaic energy and convert

electrical energy into storage batteries. inside, the effect will be better


After the battery is fully charged, it can directly supply solar traffic lights. Now there is a more difficult place to decide, that is, crossroads,

how to control the traffic lights in 4 directions? For example, a crossroad has four directions in the southeast and northwest. There are

corresponding traffic lights in each direction. It is also possible that each light pole will have a corresponding red and green countdown.

There are two options, the first one, each one. There is a direction, the wireless receiving end, through the traffic signal, to send traffic

lights to the traffic lights in each direction, the working time, or, is, the signal from the main direction to the signal terminals of the other

three sub-directions, transmitting signals, Then through the signal reception, let the traffic lights work according to the time given by the main direction.


The first mode, for each direction, has solar panels, has batteries, and has a signal receiving end or a signal transmitting end. Its cost is very expensive.

The advantage of this mode is that it passes through the main control board to the sub-control board. Sending a signal, then there is no need to pull the

cable in the middle, it is convenient, saves time, saves the construction time, and avoids some disadvantages in the middle trace, or the intermediate trace

may be generated, some troublesome things but The disadvantages of this model are that the cost is too high. There must be solar panels in every direction.


The cost is very high. Secondly, the signal debugging is very troublesome. This kind of product debugging is more troublesome. In Africa, language

communication is not too convenient. Therefore, the guests will be inconvenient to debug, and it is difficult to adjust after the sale. Even if the

adjustment is made, it will be very troublesome to change the time in the future. Third, the signal source is unstable, and the solar traffic signal is

controlled by wireless means. It is possible that the signal source is unstable, which may cause the traffic lights to work abnormally, which will

cause confusion on the order of the road surface.

Is there a way to operate in a wired manner? The way that the solar traffic signal is wired means that all the solar energy is charged, only in the

same direction, and there is only one battery. The traffic signal control machine of the entire intersection is also in the same direction, and the

solar energy is converted into electric energy through the solar panel. The electric energy is stored in the battery, and the battery is directly

connected with the traffic signal of the entire intersection. Then the traffic signals of the other three directions are directly pulled into the solar

signal through the wired way, through the solar traffic signal, then such The traffic lights are all connected to the line, there is only one signal,

and there is no signal transmission.


What are the benefits of wired solar traffic signals? First, its cost is very low, he does not need 4 directions, has a separate solar panel, has a separate

battery, it only needs a battery in one direction, with the solar panel

The second advantage, the connected solar traffic signal, is actually very stable, because this product has done a lot, the stability is very strong,

it has no signal to send, through the power line to control other traffic lights.

The third advantage product maintenance is very simple, solar traffic lights are a very traditional product, because traffic lights are mainly about

stability, if there is any problem, it is necessary to replace or maintain the signal, with other lights There is no relationship

Where is the downside? The connection of solar traffic lights, the downside is that the traffic lights in each direction need to be connected by wires,

and the routing is not very good, but for stability, wiring is a very good way.

We did 11 intersections in Africa last year, which is very good.


The most important thing about traffic lights is that they are simple, stable, easy to use, and can be used for a long time. This is an essence of our traffic lights.


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