Solar Dividing Light with Diamond 3M Film

Solar Dividing Light with Diamond 3M Film
Shenzhen is a leading city. It thinks perfectly in many details, and does it very carefully and humanely. It is precisely because of hard work that it makes this city more attractive and more leading. Today we learn from him Let’s talk about one of the details, then it is the diamond-level 3M film solar splitter light.
The diamond-level 3M model solar splitter lights are led by the Shenzhen Research Institute and Shenzhen Traffic Police. Let’s talk about it first. The original component originally meant that there was a pole on the splitter with an aluminum profile logo on it. Brand, then this looks very simple and unsightly. It does not have a sense of integration, especially as the city is getting better and better, it also produces the integrated m-mode solar split that we are talking about today. Lamp, let’s take a look at his picture first

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What is the effect of the diamond-level 3M film solar lane lights applied at night?
First of all, this diamond grade 3M film. At night, no LED is used to emit light. When it is illuminated or car lampshade, it can be seen very clearly from a long distance, which enhances the viewing distance of the driver’s friends. We know that this place is a bifurcated intersection. The driver friend who happened some time ago, because the data is not clear, the vehicle drove to the safety island and the traffic accident was deeply analyzed. This kind of lamp can make the driver pass more safely even without LED. This 3M diamond class The solar-powered splitter lights perfectly solve this problem.

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What are the benefits of the diamond-level 3M solar splitter light?
We just talked about an effect of the 3M film. Now let’s add the LED light-emitting part, because this light-emitting part is based on solar energy, so in this case, he uses white light to emit white light, but the brightness of the far light is strong. , Can make the driver friends can see clearly from 500 meters away, let everyone prepare in advance, and then pay attention to the fork junctions, pay attention to safe passage, it is green, the sun can be more environmentally friendly in this case , So that the city can be more green and low-carbon.

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Solar Divider Light Shenzhen Factory of Diamond 3M Film:
If you are lucky enough to come to Shenzhen to work or visit relatives, if your friend, your driver takes you through Shenzhen, or when you turn in Shenzhen, we are now using the Futian area, then you see this The good solar 3M diamond-level road divider light is made by our company. I hope to give a good comment to our company Shenzhen Weimei Optoelectronics. Thank you!

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