Singapore 1.8m × 0.9m Vehicle Guiding Sign led arrow board

I. Singapore 1.8m × 0.9m Vehicle Guiding Sign led arrow board:

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I have made so many car guide cards in various sizes. The biggest thing we do is the car guide cards that belong to the country of Singapore. Let ’s take a look at the car guide signs in Singapore.
2. How big is the vehicle-mounted guide plate in Singapore?
The following introduces the dimensions of a batch of guide cards made by our company for Singapore: 1.8 meters in length and 0.9 meters in width. This is a construction size specifically required by their country for height warning and safe construction. .
Why is there such a big car guide in Singapore? In fact, this is how he does it. As a manufacturer of this car-oriented brand, we know that it belongs to the British system. What is the British system? That is, he is a product that was taken seriously in accordance with the original strict requirements of the UK for this product. It is for people’s construction and for people to drive more clearly. The front is under construction. With the largest on-board guide we are talking about today.

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3. What’s the difference between Singapore’s 1.8-meter by 0.9-meter vehicle guide plate?
The biggest difference between the 1.8-meter by 0.9-meter car guide in Singapore is that its luminous intensity is very large. Because of its large size, its luminous lamp tube must be very large, so this luminous throughput is better than the market. The size is much larger, so our company has customized a mold specifically for this product. The number of customized LED lights is a very good effect of optical intensity, even if it is far away, it can be seen very Clear, we originally installed this product on the road, about 800 meters clearly seen.
4. How long can a 1.8-meter by 0.9-meter vehicle guide in Singapore last?
The answer is like this car guide card. The outer frame is an aluminum box. Everyone knows that the possibility of aluminum rusting outside is not particularly high, so when its outer box structure is strong, it is intentionally opened for waterproof design. An abrasive tool, so its waterproof effect is very good, so it has no problems with the entire chassis shell for 15 years, then the rest is the electronic structural parts inside, our lamp tube is used Passing something waterproof, then its waterproof effect is very good in this case. Only in this case, its effect will be very long. So how long can he use it? The answer is more than 5 years. There is no problem with all the materials of the accessories. The most likely problem is the control box. Because the control box is composed of electronic components, it is also possible that some of the parts will have some small parts. Problem, so we can only say that it is 5 years long, but you have one or two more control boxes in there, then it will take more than 8 years for this product
Therefore, the 1.8-meter by 0.9-meter vehicle-guided signboard in Singapore has a very good effect, its quality is also perfect, and its service life is remarkable.
In addition to Singapore’s vehicle-mounted guidance signs, Victoria’s Midea also produces other traffic lights:
1.Motor traffic signals
2.Arrow traffic lights
3.Integrated signal light
4.Intelligent traffic signals, etc.

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