red yellow green color available 300mm PCB board traffic light lamp

hat models are there for Uzbekistan traffic signal light PCB boards?

Red color 300mm PCB board traffic light lamp:


Yellow color 300mm PCB board traffic light lamp:


Green color 300mm PCB board traffic light lamp:



2-in-1 pedestrian traffic signal light board


Countdown timer traffic signal light PCB board


What is the voltage of Uzbekistan traffic lights? Uzbekistan traffic lights, the voltage of the board is 18 volts to 26 volts,

with a 220 volt transformer, through the voltage of 220 volts to 24 volts, with the instability of the voltage, it is possible

that he is not 24 Volt, it may be 20-22 volts, so the voltage of the traffic signal PCB board is 18 volts to 26 volts. The

width of this voltage is a bit high, but for the current LED, it is in the normal range because The current LED quality

of traffic lights is very good.


Uzbekistan’s traffic light board, how is we produced in such a large amount? Uzbekistan traffic signal board, one-time

order, 1200 groups, that is, red yellow green,pedestrian traffic light board is 1200pcs each type, we not only have to produce

traffic lights, but also 4800 power supplies , need us to come, how do we produce it? Fortunately, our company has automatic

AI automatic, 5 plug-in machines, which can plug in resistors and insert LED lamp beads. In this way, it greatly saves production

time and greatly improves production efficiency, so semi-automatic is It is very important to treat every customer with care, with

the best intentions, every product can definitely do better.


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Post time: Apr-19-2019
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