Pulse traffic lights deliver directly to Heyuan on Sunday

Pulse traffic lights deliver directly to Heyuan on Sunday

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1. Pulse traffic lights are delivered directly to Heyuan on Sunday:
On May 22 of this year, Mr. Zhang, an old customer of Heyuan, gave me three traffic lights at the intersection and asked me to deliver it to him on Sunday, May 24. It was really anxious for others. There is no way, who wants us It’s a factory. Pulse traffic lights are delivered directly to Heyuan on Sunday. Next, let’s do it.

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2. What is a pulse traffic signal?
Pulse type traffic signal means that the traffic signal gives a range of pulse width, such as 0 ~ 300 milliseconds, such a voltage power-off time flashes a bit, and then the traffic signal, the motherboard starts working after receiving the signal, from 9 You can count down from 6 seconds to 18 seconds, or from 18 seconds. This is based on the local situation.

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3. What are the benefits of pulse traffic lights?
The traffic lights we used to make basically counted down from 99 seconds, or more than 100 seconds. At this time, the driver stared at this traffic light for a long time to see that he had a visual fatigue. Seeing the last second, he may feel that he will look at the end of the time, then at this time, the time when other traffic lights are on, he did not observe, then it will affect the last few seconds. , He may not see it, and delay the efficiency of the final pass, so there is the last statement of this pulse traffic signal, then there is also the last saying that 9 seconds before starting the countdown This method is a very intelligent Human traffic signal case.
4. Will pulse traffic lights be affected by this networking?

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Pulse traffic lights will not be affected by this network, it will only give the signal a pulse width, and then go to work, so it has nothing to do with the network connection intelligent network monitoring video, so pulse traffic lights are a simple A signal light observed by the driver’s friend.
In addition to pulse traffic lights, Vimee also produces other traffic lights:
1. Traffic lights at crossroads
2. Integrated traffic lights
3. Mobile traffic lights
4. Solar traffic lights, etc.

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