Nanping Express traffic signal light installed successfully

Nanping Express traffic signal light installed successfully

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First, the Nanping Express traffic signal light installation was successful:
Nanping Express is located in Shenzhen City, which is the transportation route of the aorta in Shenzhen.

The earliest Nanping Express is located in this aorta that runs from Buji to Baoan. At that time, it quickly

moved to the north of Shenzhen with its coastal rapids. The route has imported a large number of blood

for the rapid development of Shenzhen, saving a lot of time. Now Nanping has rapidly developed to the

third phase. This is located in the direction of the main road from Longgang to Pingshan to Huizhou.
I am very happy that our company has done the Nanping Express Phase III traffic signal, as long as it

passes through here, it is full of sense of accomplishment.
2. What is the difference between the Nanping Express traffic lights?

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Nanping Express Phase III traffic signal is different from the other two phases. This is a little more tunnel

inside, because it usually has more hills, that is, there are more tunnels, and there must be traffic in the

tunnel. The indication of the signal light, then this time we installed the traffic light in Shenzhen Nanping

The traffic lights of Nanping Express are different from other traffic lights.
Why do you say that? Because of other tunnels, the traffic signal is usually installed at the entrance, but

there is no exit direction, and many highway tunnel intersection traffic lights are only installed on the right

side, there is no left, this time the installation of traffic lights The way is really different. It has left and right

sides, both at the mouth of the passage, and there are also exits. There are also traffic lights at the exit.

Please take a look at the scene.
3. How is the Nanping Express traffic signal controlled?

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The answer is that it is connected to the tunnel system inside the tunnel. When the plc in the tunnel gives a

signal, what kind of state it lights up, this is the same as the red cross green arrow, it is the same, when the

tunnel is inside because When an accident is not allowed to enter, it will always display a red light outside.

This is an indication of the traffic signal.
 The traffic lights of Nanping Express Phase 3 are used by traffic lights. The Nanping Express Traffic Lights

are mainly used for type 300mm traffic lights. They do not use the super large 400mm traffic lights.
4. Is the internal circuit of the traffic signal light of Nanping Express Phase 3 using relays

or in what way?

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The answer is: our Nanping fast traffic signal uses this relay to close the Xihe. It is a 24 volt relay, and then the

condition of the signal shows one of the states. Under normal circumstances, it is green, then when there are

special reasons, It may reveal a red traffic light, and for special reasons, it also shows a green-to-left arrow

traffic light indicating direction.
In addition to the Nanping Express Phase III traffic lights, We also produces other traffic

 1. Highway toll station ETC information led screen
2. Pixel tube variable speed sign
3. Highway variable speed sign
4.125mm red green traffic lights



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