Mass production of solar synchronous fog lamps

Mass production of solar synchronous fog lamps
1. Introduction of solar synchronous fog lights:
Solar synchronous fog lights mean that the fog lights of a certain section are synchronously lit or not lit. With the solar type, the fog lights can be set to night mode and 24-hour mode, controlled by two switches, one is the total The switch controls the entire lamp to not work at all or turn on. The other switch is the solar light control mode; the red switch is the main switch, and the black switch is the light control switch. The light control switch refers to whether you choose 12-hour mode or 24-hour mode.

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Second, the principle of solar synchronous fog lamp control system:
The solar synchronous fog lamp control system sends commands to the main control through the control management computer, and then the main control system sends a signal to the sub-control (fog lamp). The sub-control (fog lamp) receives the command and starts or does not work. The information received and transmitted between the controls (fog lights) is transmitted hand in hand. The distance between the two sub-controls (fog lights) hand in hand cannot exceed 150m, and the distance between the main control and the first sub-control (fog lights) exceeds 150m to receive commands, as long as the distance between the two adjacent sub-controls (fog lights) No more than 150m, the secondary control (fog lamp) can be extended indefinitely, and can receive the commands sent by the main control.

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3. Advantages and technical guidance of solar synchronous fog lamp control system:

1. Fog lights within the control range can be synchronously lit or not lit.
2. The main control of the computer control management has no distance requirements, and can control the system fog lamps in any place nationwide.
3. Each sub-control (fog lamp) receives and transmits the instructions issued by the main control by hand in hand.
4. If one of the sub-controls (fog lights) cannot work normally, as long as the two adjacent sub-controls (fog lights) that are working normally do not exceed 150m, it will not affect the transmission of instructions (when installed faithfully, the adjacent The distance between the two lights is 50m, and one of them does not work properly or does not receive commands, which will not affect the command reception of the next light, because the distance between the next light and the previous light (100m) does not exceed 150m).
50 solar synchronous fog light adopts light control mode, that is, the mode that is not bright during the day and bright at night. If the weather of the day or a certain period of time is haze or rainy weather, you can send a command to turn on the fog light to the main control through the computer. It will light up; when the operator does not set the time, the fog light will be on until the next day, the fog light will automatically turn off through its own light control mode, and it will turn on automatically at night.

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6. The instruction sent by the computer is only valid for the day without setting the time.
7. The main control sends and receives signals through the WIFI antenna, without wiring to the control computer.
4. In mass production of solar synchronous fog lamps:
Test results of our solar synchronous fog lights during the day and night:
In addition to solar synchronous fog lights, Vimee also produces other traffic lights:
1. Traffic lights at crossroads
2. Integrated traffic lights
3. Mobile traffic lights
4. Solar traffic lights, etc.

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