Mass production of P31.25 display module

Mass production of P31.25 display module
1. Mass production of P31.25 display module:
First of all, Weimei editors take you to see where our P31.25 display module is used?
Our P31.25 display module is mainly used on the gantry frame display. There is a steel structure across the highway above the highway. There will be a display on this. It is the gantry frame display. It is basically It will be done by the P31.25 display module.

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2. What kind of driver chip does P31.25 display module generally use?
The P31.25 display module is divided into two kinds of driver chips, one with dot detection function and one without dot detection function. Of course, our chip only uses Taiwan accumulation chips, we will not say about the other for the time being , Then a display with a point detection function, then he will use MBI5036, or 5039, then this kind of, you can see on the display through the computer, you can see whether the current and voltage of any light-emitting point are normal, and There is one without the point detection function, then we usually use MBI5020 to drive, the driving chip is very important, determines the long-term use of the display.

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3. What kind of LED does the P31.25 display module cost?
For the display module of P31.25, its light-emitting LED must be the source LED, that is, the round LED. Why do you have to use this LED? Because 31.25 has a relatively large dot pitch, the implication is that the lamp beads are relatively sparse, not particularly dense, so I hope to be able to see it at a very long distance, such as 1 km away, and it must be clear at this time. It is very strong, that is to say, the brightness is very high. At this time, it is necessary to use a condensed LED. Generally, the completed LED is better to use a round head LED, because the angle of the round head LED is usually 30 degrees. About, generally speaking, what kind of chip do you use? At least you need to use chips from Taiwan Epistar, then it is OK to use at least 10×10 chips, and it is OK to use at least 11X14 chips for green light. Yes, the quality of Led is very important.
4. What kind of glue is generally used for the P31.25 display module to seal and waterproof?

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The display module of P31.25 is usually sealed with silicone, because waterproof is particularly important, and some glue must be very good, why? Because thermal expansion and contraction will make the glue easy to embrittle, it is very important that the glue cannot be adjusted up and down in proportion when it is used. Another very important thing is the back of the waterproof 31.25 display module. It must be waterproof. If it is not waterproof, it will take a long time and the back will be easily oxidized, so the entire product will break.
In addition to the P31.25 display module, Vimee also produces other traffic lights:
1. Traffic lights at crossroads
2. Integrated traffic lights
3. Mobile traffic lights
4. Solar traffic lights, etc.

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