Malaysia full-color car-oriented led traffic arrow signs

The introduction of Malaysia full-color car-oriented led traffic arrow signs:


Malaysia full-color car-oriented led traffic arrow signs is composed of a box, multiple C52 pixel tubes, four flash modules and multiple modules. The bottom of the box is designed with a buckle, which is convenient for opening the display for inspection and maintenance. The screen is mounted on the car or other shelves with a hoop on the back. Please refer to the relevant drawings for specific structural forms.
Malaysian full-color car-oriented signboards receive and release information through mobile phones connected to WIFI or computers, which can display Chinese, English, numbers and icons. The control unit can store at least 100 pieces of information, which can be called by the operator at any time, and the operator can perform full screen arbitrary editing and status detection and control on the monitoring and management mobile phone or computer.

Second, the characteristics of Malaysia full-color car-oriented led traffic arrow signs:
1. The characters are clear, easy to recognize, and meet the national standard requirements;
2. The content displayed on the display screen is clearly visible day and night;
3. The display module is driven by dynamic cross flow to ensure the consistency of brightness and color temperature;
4. Under the condition of light orthographic display panel, the maximum distance (dynamic visual recognition distance) at which the observer can directly confirm the display content is ≥300m;
5. The structure is clear and clearly marked to facilitate repair and maintenance work;
6. Low voltage work, safe.
7. Display information according to road environment and application site, including displaying traffic control graphics and text;
Third, the installation method of Malaysia full-color car-oriented led traffic arrow signs:
The installation method of Malaysian full-color car guide signs can be customized. Hoop installation is commonly used.
Hoop installation:
The first type: If your car is not equipped with pillars, you can install the bracket bar as shown in the picture on the left below, and fix the guide plate on the bracket bar with the screw. Fix the guide plate on the bracket bar with the screw. (Sleeve the screw into the aluminum groove of the guide card first, then pass the screw through the hole of the bracket bar, insert the spring, gasket, nut, and tighten the nut).
The second type: install three L-shaped brackets at appropriate positions on the roof, install three aluminum bars on the three L-shaped brackets, make holes in the aluminum bars aligned with the L-shaped brackets, and then fix the aluminum bars on the On the L-shaped bracket (first pass the screw through the holes on the aluminum bar and the L-shaped bracket, and insert the elastic sheet, gasket, nut, and then tighten the nut).
The third type: install two aluminum bars directly on the roof of the car, make two holes in the appropriate position of the aluminum bar to install the aluminum bar on the car, fix the aluminum bar with screws, and then fix the guide plate with the hoop On aluminum bars. Pass the end of the screw with the nut from the aluminum groove on the back of the guide plate, and then align the hoop around the aluminum bar with the screws on the aluminum groove, that is, insert the holes at both ends of the hoop into the two sides of the aluminum bar. On the screw, screw on the spring sheet, gasket and nut, and then tighten.

Fourth, Malaysia full-color car-oriented led traffic arrow signs brand manufacturers:
Shenzhen Weimeimei Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of full-color car guide signs in Malaysia. The company produces car arrow lights of different models and models. The arrow lights are: 1200 * 400MM vehicle guidance sign, 1200 * 600 vehicle guidance sign, solar vehicle guidance sign, sprinkler arrow light and so on.
Shenzhen Weimei Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. has been established for more than 10 years. It is an innovative and powerful manufacturer of automotive arrow lights. We have an excellent team integrating design, research and development, production and sales. We introduce new products from time to time every year, and customers are welcome to plan and customize …
In addition to Malaysia’s full-color vehicle-oriented cards, Victoria’s beauty also produces other vehicle-oriented cards:
1.1200 * 400 engineering vehicle arrow light
2.1200 * 600 engineering vehicle arrow light
3.1500 * 750 engineering vehicle arrow light
4.1800 * 900 engineering vehicle arrow light


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