Lane led display screen with countdown function

Lane led display screen with countdown timer function

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1. Lane led display screen with countdown function:
Many lanes are becoming more and more intelligent now. A red and green display is installed on the top of the lane. It can display both traffic status and static status. It can also display text. Recently, a new function has been added. A digital countdown can be displayed, that is to say, how long does this lane show? This is the lane display with countdown function we will introduce today.
2. How did the lane display with countdown function come from?
The lane display with countdown function is itself a countdown sign at the intersection of traffic lights. Later, it became more and more intelligent. It not only shows the last countdown time, but also the time when the driver passes, the time of conversion, the time of red light to green light , And later added a function, that is, display content, such as driving on a rainy day, careful driving, safe driving, no fatigue driving, etc., then you can make an inference through this product ’s lane display, now we have made a customs Lane display.

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3. Where is the lane display with countdown function used?
Our lane display with countdown function is used in customs, that is to say, a specific transit time, it is usually a green arrow. When there are special circumstances, when the green arrow is pressed and the remote control is pressed, the green state will be In the last few seconds, there is not only a green arrow, but also a green countdown time, from 9 seconds to one second. At this time, it turns into a red light, then the red light also has the remote control time. It can also be the same red. It’s green, how long does it count down, then there is a yellow flashing function

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4. How to display and operate the lane display with countdown function?
Lane display with countdown function can have two control methods,
The first one is the intelligent connection. The industrial computer can also be connected to the traffic signal machine and can also be controlled.
The second type is that you can directly control it with a remote control. If the remote control is equipped with a remote control, press the red light and the green light, and the yellow light to display the vehicle separately.

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5. How is the lane display with countdown function installed?

Lane display with countdown function, first of all, it is installed on the crossbar, then this time has the corresponding size, install the bracket, use the upper and lower screws to directly fix it, just hold it on the crossbar. The parts are made of hot-dip galvanized. After the hot-dip galvanized products are ready, they will be OK. Of course, each different installation method is different. It can be customized according to customer requirements.
In addition to the display with countdown function, Vimee also produces other traffic lights:
1. Traffic lights at crossroads
2. Integrated traffic lights
3. Mobile traffic lights
4. Solar traffic lights, etc.

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