It took three years for the temporary traffic lights of Shenzhen Liuyue Shenfeng Road.

It took three years for the temporary traffic lights of Shenzhen Liuyue Shenfeng Road.

Why can I use a temporary solar portable traffic light for three years? How did he experience the ups and downs of the middle three years?
In Shenzhen, about 6 Shenfeng Road, going to the vicinity of the 6th Industrial Zone, there is a long-term solar temporary traffic light, how

long has it taken? It has been three years now, why do you know that he is three years? Because he is very close to our company, it is also the

way I go to work every day, because I go through the six-day deep peak road to reach this Longgang Avenue. It is also one of the roads that

many friends must pass every day. At this intersection, because There is a lot of vehicles in the industrial area everyday, and then there will

be congestion at the intersections, so a temporary solar mobile traffic light is installed here. This temporary sun traffic light was installed in

April 2016 because I installed it because I was very close to the company, so we directly helped the guests and installed him directly. we also

thought about how long the product can last. Can I use it for 5 years, and my heart has been silently chanting.


Let’s talk about the parameters of this temporary solar mobile traffic light and find out the characteristics of some of the products he uses.

The first solar panel is a 60-watt solar panel, and the second battery is a 55-hour battery. , the third, he for each direction, red yellow green,

three color disc lights, a total of four directions, which is one of the most common use standards for temporary traffic lights, a range of use,

in this three years In the middle, when the winter was particularly cold, the mobile traffic light did not light up, and then it was about a year

and a half, then I came to the scene with my comrades, and then put the solar energy on it. The dust is cleaned, and then there is no way to

replace the battery. After the sun comes out on the second day, the light will light up again, so the temporary traffic light needs to be taken

care of by the heart, and the solar panel is wiped clean carefully. Maybe this product, this temporary traffic light is disabled, it is better to

use it for a long time.

Solar temporary traffic lights, in fact, the most important thing is to use the battery to have electricity for a long time, and let him have

electricity for a long time, this is the key, the quality of the battery, its quality is also very important, the second depends on it The battery

can’t be used up. If the battery’s capacity is exhausted, then the whole quality will drop a lot, and then its use time will drop a lot, so we are

making electronic products, especially those with batteries. One thing to note is that the entire solar panel must be kept charged at all times,

so that the battery will always have electricity and never lose power. This is the most important reason.

In the middle of these three years, we have carried out two maintenance. The first temporary solar traffic light is the last time I said. In winter,

the sun is not enough light, so charging is not enough. More, it has led to a much weaker performance of charging, so this solar temporary traffic

light is not lit. The second reason is that in the summer of last year, the super heavy rain caused the solar temporary traffic light board to enter.

The water was burned, because the sudden heavy rain caused this, the solar gaze at the traffic lights, the water level was directly infiltrated to the

solar motherboard, so the motherboard, the letter would not work, and later changed him to a motherboard. The whole solar temporary traffic

light is just fine.

Therefore, not only must we do a good job of not only to make solar temporary traffic lights products, but more importantly, we must learn how to

use a product, and we love a product very well. In this respect, it is necessary for the maintenance unit to use the unit manufacturing unit. It is very

important to choose a professional manufacturer to choose a professional solar temporary traffic light manufacturer.


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