Installation the traffic lights on foggy days

Installation the traffic lights on foggy days at Jinfeng Bridge, Yuanshan Road, Xiamen, Fujian


This time we went to install our traffic light at Jinfeng Bridge, Yuanshan Road, Xiamen, Fujian. Soon after the road

was just paved, just after the asphalt was laid, the marking line was just drawn on it. the next step, we installed the

traffic lights .The commissioning is complete, we installed it on the foggy day. This traffic light intersection is a large

intersection.The intersection lane is relatively wide. The one-way direction is 4 lanes. In this kind of lane, there are

more vehicles to pass, so the effect of traffic lights is very obvious.


The intersection setting is relatively simple. The whole traffic signal is in two groups in each direction. One group

is red, yellow and green, and the other is red, yellow and green. This is a way to comply with the national standard.

A yellow flash of solar energy is installed in the middle. Lights, this way also allows the driver to see far away, the

traffic lights at the intersection are all released in one direction, so the entire intersection is relatively simple and

convenient, such vehicles can also be carried out in an orderly manner Is really a way to save time.

Did you seen our pedestrian lights. The pedestrian signal light we installed this time is three lights. The first one is

the countdown timer lampwick, the second one is the red pedestrian lampwick, and the third is the green pedestrian

lampwick. This design is very reasonable, so it is very convenient for pedestrians.


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Post time: Apr-15-2019
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