Installation of etc led display indicator in Henan Zhengzhou Expressway

Installation of etc led display indicator in Henan Zhengzhou Expressway

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1. What is the size of the etc led display indicator installed on Zhengzhou Expressway in Henan?
This time it was installed on Henan Zhengzhou Expressway etc. The size of the lane indicator is 3 meters 3×0.7 meters and the display size is 3.2 meters×0.6 meters. This size is very large, using the p25 display module and font Rough and beautiful, using round head LED, high brightness, good light gathering, but the distance is particularly far, probably at a distance where you can see clearly, he can see clearly 300 meters away, because it The size is very large, so the font will be very large.
2. How does the etc lane indicator of Henan Zhengzhou Expressway work?
The ETC lane indicator we made this time is different from what we usually do. Usually, we change the driving content and change the display content through the 232 serial port, and this time its driving method is directly operated by the button type, that is, Use the keyboard to drive its display content, for example, the first key is to display the pump to close, the second shows the etc lane, the third shows the artificial lane, the fourth shows the military police lane, according to his requirements To change the content of this etc lane.

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3. How long has the Henan Zhengzhou etc led display indicator been installed?
This time we installed this etc lane indicator in Zhengzhou, Henan. We sent technicians to come and install together. There are 13 display screens in total. Our technicians went to assist in debugging and installation. This is divided into 4 stations. It took us a total of 5 days and a half from the beginning to the end of the installation. We did the most detailed installation method on the spot according to the situation on the spot, to ensure that the etc. lane display will not fall off, and the safety guidance operation, we have completed the installation In the future, the computer was used to change the text according to the customer’s requirements, and the text was entered into the keyboard. Each button on the keyboard corresponded to each pair of text. The customer was very satisfied.

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4. How long is the warranty of the etc led display indicator in Zhengzhou, Henan?
Like this etc lane indicator, its products use very good materials. Its driver chip is the driver chip of Taiwan crash. Its LED display module is waterproof on the front and waterproof on the back. Long-term testing makes the performance more stable, so its product quality is guaranteed for more than 5 years. As long as this product is waterproof and the details are well done in the middle of the production process, then it will not have any problems, so its warranty time It will be very long.
In addition to etc led display indicator, We also produces other traffic lights:
1. Traffic lights at crossroads
2. Integrated traffic lights
3. Mobile traffic lights
4. Solar traffic lights, etc.

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