How to use circular underground lights on pedestrian zebra crossings?

How to use circular underground lights on pedestrian zebra crossings?
Car-road coordination, courtesy of pedestrians, smart city, urban brain, smart traffic safety command, some practical application cases, more and more use of everyone’s travel convenience, more and more consideration of the safe passage of pedestrians, today we will introduce a practical application A circular underground lamp on a pedestrian zebra crossing.
First of all, let’s take a look at the actual case of this kind of circular buried lights used on pedestrian zebra crossings at intersections.

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How to synchronize the circular underground lights with pedestrian zebra crossing traffic lights?
So when the red light on the pedestrian zebra crossing turns on, the circular underground light below should also light up accordingly. Pedestrians are not allowed to pass, so when the traffic light turns on green, the corresponding The circular underground light should also be bright green. At this time, I remind everyone to go forward, mainly to remind some mobile phones, how does he synchronize? We, Shenzhen VDM Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., adopts 2.4G synchronization technology. What kind of status is displayed by the corresponding traffic lights, and what kind of status is displayed by this synchronous buried light.

Do circular underground lights need wiring?
This circular underground lamp is very well done and very user-friendly, that is to say, its energy comes from light energy, it does not come from the direct electricity. The second point is that its control method is not line. The control still uses wireless control, so there is no need to wire. The combination of the two makes this product very perfect. The circular buried light does not need to be wired. The distance between it and the traffic light is very close, so it leads to With this product, its use conditions are in line with a wireless communication method, which greatly saves a lot of man-hours and maintenance costs. The current product will be better and better.

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How long is the service life of the circular underground lamp?
The circular buried lights are used on the zebra crossing where pedestrians run red lights. How long can they last? , First of all, a product like this uses a very simple structure of this kind of lithium battery. The lithium battery can basically be used for at least three years. This is the first structure of its own, and the second point is its installation. Maintenance is very simple, so if there is any bad situation, just replace it with a new one, so its service life and service life do not need to consider the limitations of its use, so the marketability in this market will be very good.

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In addition to the circular underground lights, We also produces other traffic lights:

1. Crossroad traffic lights

2. Integrated traffic lights

3. Mobile traffic lights

4. Solar traffic lights, etc. 

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