how to test the radar speed screen?

After the radar speed screen is ready, do you want to test it in the actual use site?

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1. Should the radar speed screen be placed on the actual site for testing?
The radar speed screen is in the factory. After the completion of the test, after a large number of detection methods, such as audio, sound

detection means, such as wind speed detection means, for example, other methods, etc., after confirmation, it is no problem. Now, can you

ship it at this time?
Second, the radar speed screen has other test methods?

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Is there any other way to verify that this radar speedometer does not measure one of its speeds? Then the best direct and intuitive way is to

put the radar speedometer on the actual use site to test, that is to say, put it on one of his roads to test the speed, it is best to open a fixed-

speed cruise car, this will After the speed of the car is fixed, then pay attention to safety, look at the speed of the car, with this radar, display

screen, radar speed screen, does it show the same speed?

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Third, the field detection of radar speed screen:
Putting this radar test screen on the actual use site to measure the speed, it really makes people feel that it is OK. When we do all the radar

speed screens, we usually use the company’s truck to put all the products in the same position, then Then use the fixed-speed cruising vehicle,

go to each vehicle for three laps, then set the speed at different speeds, then go to the speed measurement radar speed screen. Every time

the speed is clear in the walkie-talkie, then, look The person of this number knows how many cars are now, and then waits for the car to come

and look carefully. Is it consistent with the number that is said in advance? Then, this time, the radar is not allowed to be accurate. Its speed is

divided into several times. Don’t just test it once, and don’t just test it once. You should test it at different speeds and different times. There is no

problem. You can pack it later.

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4. Is there a deviation in the detection of the radar speed screen?
Before we went to test the products, after many tests, we did find that the radar has a deviating speed. This kind of thing is of course a minority,

but it is still detected by our company in this way. Clicked.
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