How to make sure toll station LED display module waterproof ?

1. How is the toll display ETC display waterproof?



There are many LED display module supplier in market  with different price

and different quality .

For high way or toll station LED display ,the most important thing is waterproof

Since this is outdoor use , and about traffic safety issue .

So the quality must be good

The LED display module we make both front and back side was sealed with glue ,

make sure waterproof

And we have tested this , we put the module underwater for 15 minutes

then connect with power supply again

The module works normally  as picture  attached


The toll booth ETC display is all made of LED light-emitting diodes.
With high refresh rate and high brightness, the display is more realistic and clear.
Make up for the deficiencies of traditional paper texts and dullness;

The removable storage device is externally connected to the USB interface of the device to transfer data and replace the display content.




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Post time: Nov-28-2018
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