How does the warning led display warn?

1. How does the warning led display warn?

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What is a highway warning led display? The highway warning display screen refers to the road maintenance accidents or special emergencies that need to be arranged in front of the vehicle. The warning display screen.
When the road surface needs to be maintained and the speed of the vehicle is fast, arrange the display of the direction of the vehicle to show that the front maintenance is safe, and is equipped with a voice control system. .
2. How big is the horn of the warning led display?
The warning led display must be brought, and the sound is called the warning display, so how loud is his voice? The driver can hear at what distance. First of all, this decibel must be more than 80 decibels. The sound is relatively loud. Then it is best to display it with dual control codes, which means that two speakers are needed to emit sound at the same time. , This effect will be much better.

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3. How does the horn of the warning led display screen supply power?
The loudspeaker of the warning display screen consumes a lot of power because the decibel is too large. In this case, a large battery must be used to supply power. This battery is usually placed fully charged, that is to say it does not It can be used for a long time, only under certain circumstances. The battery needs to be equipped with a battery box to prevent the rain from forming a short circuit on the battery and causing damage to the battery’s life.
4. What is the LED display module of the warning display?
Because the early warning system cannot take power, it can only be powered by a battery. In the case of battery power, the current needs to be adjusted to the minimum power, but the current is the smallest, but the brightness must not be very low. Can only choose ultra-high brightness LED, and then coupled with power-saving mode to drive, which requires the manufacturer to have a certain production technology.

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