Congratulations on the successful application of the patent of our Plus (light belt) traffic light

Congratulations on the successful application of the patent of our Plus (light belt) traffic light


1. Congratulations on the successful application of the patent of our Plus (light belt) traffic light patent:
All the time, our Plus traffic lights are very popular and well received by customers. Our company has also been innovating the design of the optical tape. In 2019, Vimee applied for a patent for the design of “Plus (light belt) traffic lights at a 6-degree angle tilt” and has now successfully passed the certification of the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China. Our design meets the requirements of controllable bidding and can enhance your competitiveness in bidding. The development of Vimee’s optical belt in the domestic market may take a big step.

2. The main advantages and technical instructions of Plus (light belt) traffic light products:
1. Specially designed for vehicle drivers. The light is uniform, soft and non-glare, using Taiwan Epistar LED, the visual effect is very good.
2. The shell is made of aluminum. As shown in the figure below, the light strip is made with a bevel angle of 6 degrees. When it is installed on the cross arm of the traffic light pole, the light it emits has a downward tilt direction; When the top of the traffic light pole is above the rigid pole, there should be an angle that is inclined to the left, and the visual effect is very good.
3. Completely waterproof: the shell is made of aluminum, the front part is integrated with LED, the LED part is made of high-molecular glue, and the bonding degree is very high, and the metal part is very well combined, and the waterproof performance is high.
4. The power supply is filled with glue and waterproofed, and the constant current drive is specially processed. The response of the luminous belt is faster than 100ms, and it is synchronized with the traffic light without delay;
5. Product warranty ≥ 2 years;
6. Beautiful appearance and fashionable style;
7. High safety factor, working voltage is DC24V DC, maximum working power is 8W.

3. The working principle of Plus (light belt) traffic lights:
The working principle of traffic lights is the same as that of traffic lights. According to a certain control procedure, time isolation is implemented on the lighting time, and the red, yellow, and green lights are cyclically displayed in each direction of the intersection to direct traffic flow. The high-voltage electricity of the machine or signal lamp 85-265V is converted into low-voltage DC24V. Connected to the signal machine can realize that the color of the light of the light band is the same as that of the signal light and is synchronized.
Fourth, Plus (light belt) traffic light field application diagram:
The traffic lights are beautiful overall, atmospheric, eye-catching, fast response, and excellent water resistance. The large angle of light output makes the viewing range expand. Traffic police departments in many places said that this can reduce the situation that the signal lights are blocked and can not see clearly.
In addition to Plus traffic lights, we also produces other traffic lights:
1. Motorized traffic lights
2. Arrow traffic lights
3. Integrated signal light
4. Intelligent traffic signal, etc.



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