Chongzhou small cart mobile traffic lights

Chongzhou small cart mobile traffic lights

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 How long can the Chongzhou small cart mobile traffic light solar mobile traffic lights be used? The answer is that it can be

used for more than 3~5 years, because solar energy has been charging the battery, so the battery’s power has been very

guaranteed to be very sufficient, and it is very sufficient. At this time, its power consumption is basically not considered. Why

do you say this, because it is a good battery, it will not be over-discharged, so the quality of this solar mobile traffic light is

very OK, so the use is relatively long, so everyone bought this After the solar mobile traffic lights are used for a long time,

basically can guarantee more than three years, this is a quality assurance aspect of this solar mobile traffic light. I hope that

our company will be able to use solar mobile traffic lights more and more people, because it is really real, and its quality is also

very good, footprints throughout the entire Guangdong Province, and then, there are some Foshan, Ah, some of the most remote

places are also using our mobile traffic lights. I believe that our quality can be better and the details can be better. How to maintain

the traffic lights?
 Chongzhou small cart mobile traffic light traffic light traffic light commissioning release program, is also a release plan designated

by the traffic police, according to the intersection situation to make a most suitable way, time to release this traffic light, look at the

intersection situation, we are now How do we do one of our biggest intersections? Then it will turn left, turn red, yellow, green, turn

red, yellow, green and green in every direction. In this case, how to make this traffic light, a very good release plan, first we have a

way If you turn all the greens that turn left and turn right, then the scheme that he chooses is to light up together. In this case, then

in every direction, one in the southeast and the northwest is turned left and turned right, one by one, Then also a very good release

mode mobile traffic light debugging.

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Chongzhou small cart mobile traffic lights mobile traffic lights configuration, there is a very important is the base, then why is it the

base? Because if there is a special weather condition in the middle of the mobile traffic light, such as heavy wind or heavy rain, if your

base is not big enough, it is easy to dump this light directly, then this time will definitely not work, so you have to do it. Sitting on a big

bottom, our company has now done a lot of mobile traffic lights for many places, all using 950×950 bases. In Pinghu South China City

and Zhuhai, etc., Jiangmen uses a very large base, guests are Very satisfied, the Guangzhou area is also used very much, mobile traffic

lights are very satisfied with the configuration of mobile traffic lights.

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Chongzhou small cart mobile traffic lights contact information Zengcheng big wheel trailer mobile traffic lights: Let me introduce this to the

Zengcheng, the big wheel trailer, mobile solar traffic lights, the quality of this traffic light is very good, his base has two The car wheel is the

same as our car. Its bearing capacity is the same as that of our car. This trailer solar mobile traffic light has a hook in front. This hook can

beconnected with the rear of the car, then the car goes forward. This big wheel trailer moves the traffic lights, you can run along with the car,

no need to go to deliberately push, so he is very convenient, then this big wheel, moving solar traffic lights, his solar panels are also Very

large, he is composed of two 80-watt solar panels, so its solar panel is 160 watts. In this case, the maximum solar condition may be able to

charge 10 amps. This effect is very good. , so it won’t be ok, so big wheels, trailers move solar traffic lights, its quality is Very good mobile

traffic light case.

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