Can the 200MM countdown timer traffic signal light be able to display double eight?

Can the 200MM countdown timer traffic signal light be able to display double eight?

200mm traffic light
First, 200MM countdown timer traffic lights can display double eight?
Can the 200MM countdown traffic lights display those colors? Can you display red and green status? These are all

without any problems,
200mm countdown traffic signal, it can display red, double eight countdown, can also display green double eight

countdown, if red and green together, it shows the status of the yellow signal light, because it is matched by color mixing,

but here One difference is that the 200MM countdown traffic signal, because of its limited size, so when displaying the

double eight countdown, each of his pen segments is a single row of LEDs, unlike the 300 traffic lights or the 400mm

traffic lights. They are double-row LEDs or three-row LEDs, which are based on the size of traffic lights.

200mm traffic light-1

2. Where is the 200MM countdown traffic signal light used?
200mm red and green traffic signal countdown, its main land is in foreign countries, because the foreign traffic lights

200mm traffic lights are mostly, unlike ours in China, are the 400mm traffic lights, foreign traffic lights, because of the

earliest design It was designed according to the Model 200mm, so the standard of this size has been continued until

200MM countdown, when used for pedestrian lights, will it display yellow? 200MM countdown timer, if it is used for

motorized signal lights, he will display yellow, it has two kinds of display, one is red and green, and is bright together,

then the yellow color is displayed by the color of the mixed color, and the other one is that the light bead can be directly

used in yellow. To display, it is ok, but when it is used for pedestrian lights, it will not display yellow, but why? Pedestrian

lights have only two states, one is red and the other is green.
3. What is the control method for the 200MM countdown timer traffic signal light?

200mm traffic light-2
The 200MM countdown timer traffic signal light is through its own control panel, he can learn the function of the traffic

signal, learn through two cycles, the command given by the traffic signal, and then display the corresponding time, this

is the most common way .
 200MM countdown timer traffic signal light, there is also a way of communication, also known as communication traffic

lights, this refers to the instructions given by the traffic signal, according to the situation of the intersection, he will be

according to the intersection, southeast and northwest direction, a certain direction The traffic flow, or other circumstances

given by the time, thus constantly changing his working time according to the traffic signal, running time, that is, the traffic

signal, giving 35 seconds, then, 200MM The countdown immediately shows 35 seconds. After a while, the traffic signal

gives 48 seconds. The 200MM countdown timer also shows a 48-second countdown. There is no gap in the middle. It is

a real-time display of traffic signals. time
4. Can the 200MM countdown timer traffic signal light be used for construction sections?
Now that our company has done it, it is a very mature product. The 200mm communication traffic light is mainly used in

the road repairing. The length of the road can be adjusted arbitrarily. The time of the 200mm communication traffic light

can also be adjusted arbitrarily. It is real time. Sexual, type 200 communication traffic lights are generally two pairs of traffic

lights, one entrance, one exit, 200mm communication traffic lights can display this time in real time, so when the road is

added with this 200MM countdown timer, it will be more clear and clear It shows that there is still a long time left for the

driver to prepare for the opinions of the vast number of customers and friends. We will discuss more details about the

products that can be used in life. We will make this product better.


In addition to the 200MM countdown timer traffic signal light, We also produces other traffic lights:
1, 200mm red cross green arrow two lights
2, 125mm red and green lights
3, 125mm teaching red yellow green three lights
4, 100mm red yellow green three lights, etc.

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