Can SMD LED display be used in the tunnel?

Can SMD LED display be used in the tunnel?
1. What kind of display module does the LED display in the tunnel generally use?
Recently, LED display modules are already in full swing, especially indoor displays are surface-mounted. Because the module of the patch has the advantages of small size, high density and high definition, the more More and more LED display screens use the patch mode. The advantage of this LED display screen is that the dot pitch is small.

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2. Can the patch display module be used in the tunnel?
This is also a topic that has been controversial for many people in the LED display industry. Many people say that the electromechanical products in the highway electromechanical product tunnel must use in-line LED display modules, and cannot be surface-mounted, because in-line The LED has good heat dissipation, high brightness, and large adjustability. The brightness can be adjusted from high to low. Its own space is relatively large, then the heat dissipation will be very good, but the brightness of the surface-mounted LED display module itself will be very Low, although it is said that its luminous angle is very large, but it is not clear from a distance, so can the display screen in the tunnel be a surface-mounted display module?

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3. Can SMD LED display be used in the tunnel?
If in terms of service life, it is not possible to use surface-mount LED display modules, why do you say that? Because the in-line LED display module, its light-emitting LED red LED green, LED blue LED, are separate LEDs, its heat dissipation bracket is thermally conductive, that is to say from long-term use Looking at this in-line LED display module, its heat dissipation is much better, then from the service life point of view, the in-line LED display module, his life is much stronger than the surface mount.
However, from the perspective of cost, can we use SMD LED display modules in the tunnel? If you look at the cost, if you use a surface-mounted LED display module, then its cost will be about half of the cost of an in-line LED display module, that is, the cost is about 1/2,
In terms of cost, it is actually untenable. Why? Because good quality must be cast with good things, this is eternal, just like the conservation of energy, then in fact, if you are using Guoxing LEDs, the brightness is lowered and the heat dissipation is better controlled in the tunnel It’s barely usable for two years. This is just from the cost, from the very powerful use method, then it is still possible. Many LED display manufacturers, he may not pay attention to this method, he just thinks it can Just use it. In fact, there are too many details of the LED display, and there are many things that can be noticed.

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4. Details to be noticed when producing tunnel LED display:
Nowadays, the cost of making LED displays is getting lower and lower, so in fact, all the materials are shrinking, and they are cut corners. Then at this time, as a manufacturer, it is very difficult to grasp all the details, which is very It is easy to break the LED display in the tunnel, or the details are not controlled properly, then some problems will occur after a long time of use, so the penny and the goods must be done on the basis, and the LED display is also Similarly, the tunnel LED display is best to use in-line.
In addition to the tunnel LED display, Vimee also produces other traffic lights:
1. Traffic lights at crossroads
2. Integrated traffic lights
3. Mobile traffic lights
4. Solar traffic lights, etc.

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