800*600mm solar led traffic sign

First, the detailed parameters of the 800*600mm solar led traffic sign:

traffic sign
1. Product size: 800*600*70MM
2, the color of the lamp: white, yellow
3, the number of lamp beads: 24 white, 8 yellow
4, lamp category: Taiwan wafer chip lamp beads
5, white brightness: 18900-22600MCD
6, solar panels: 5W/18V
7, battery: lithium battery 5AH
8, shell material: aluminum shell
9, working voltage: 12V
10, working temperature: -40 ° C ~ 65 ° C
11, working mode: strobe
12, protection level: IP65
13, commonly used hoop installation: 76MM hoop

traffic sign-1
Second, the characteristics of 800*600mm solar led traffic sign:
1. 800*600mm solar led traffic sign is mainly used in highways, urban roads, ramps, and accident-prone road sections.
2, 800*600mm solar led traffic sign using Taiwan crystal chip with our independent mold lens, longer life, good stability,

high refresh rate, high concentration, high brightness lamp features. Lens lamp beads.
3, 800*600mm solar led traffic sign box housing with a self-opening aluminum plate, anti-hook design. It is packaged in

a mosaic package and is rugged. Not only beautiful, but also gives the product a very good level of protection.
4, 800*600mm solar led traffic sign using 5W / 18V monocrystalline silicon solar panels, the use of solar power, energy

saving and environmentally friendly.
5. The bottom of the 800*600mm solar led traffic sign is equipped with a power switch and a light control switch.
6, 800*600mm solar led traffic sign is installed with the back hoop, the installation is very convenient, firm and easy to

7. For the safety considerations of 800*600mm solar led traffic sign installation, solid rivets are used on the back of the

product. The surface is flat rivets to make the product smooth and smooth.
8, 800*600mm solar led traffic sign using engineering grade 3M reflective film, 3M reflective film can produce a strong

reflective effect under a certain light source illumination, 3M reflective film reflective brightness is 6 times the traditional

logo, in the daytime, the logo can be Bright white; at night, provide reliable security for pedestrians or night workers in

the dark.
9, 800*600mm solar led traffic sign product size, speed limit sign number, reflective film, lamp bead color and installation

methods can be customized according to customer requirements
Third, the 800*600mm solar led traffic sign product display:
traffic sign-2

Fourth, choose the reason for the 800*600mm solar led traffic sign:

traffic sign-3

1. Our online sales have been for ten years.
 2. The old manufacturer, 800*600mm solar led traffic sign has been continuously improved, all solar signs are made of

fully waterproof aluminum frame, light and waterproof, better extending the service life of the product.
3. Professional R & D team, national high-tech enterprise
 4. Real material, national brand selection
 5. Tested by the Ministry of Communications
6. Field application of 800*600mm solar led traffic sign around the world

traffic sign-4
In addition to the 800*600mm solar led traffic sign, We also produces other solar traffic sign:
1.500*400 solar energy lane marking
2.800*600 solar energy lane marking
3.800*800 solar energy lane marking
4. Solar road sign

traffic sign-3

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